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Rates of Duty

PART 1 - LIVE ANIMALS . Part I headnotes: 1. This subpart covers all live animals, vertebrate and Invertebrate, except fish nnd shellfish (see parts 3 and 15 of this schedule) and microbial cultures (see part 3 of schedule 4), but Including whales and other sea mammals. 2. Unless the context requires otherwise, each provision for named or described animals applies to such animals regardless of their size or age, e.g., "sheep" Includes lambs. 3. Certain special provisions applying to live animals are In schedule S.

Animals (except black, silver, or platinum foxes, and ,. any fox which is a mutation, or type developed, therefrom), certified to the collector of customs by the Department of Agriculture as being pure bred of a recognized breed and duly registered in a book of record recognized by the Secretary of Agrj.culture for that breed, imported by a citizen or agency of the United States specially for breeding purposes, whether intended to be used by the importer himself or for sale for such purposes

100.03 100. O^f


100.07 100.09 100.15 100.20 100.25 100.30 100.31

Animals, domesticated, straying across the boundary line into any foreign country, or driven across such boundary line by the owner for temporary pasturage purposes only, together with their offspring: If brought back to the United States within 8 months Other

Free Subject to rates set forth in this part

Free Subject to rates set forth in this part

20 each 20 per lb. Free 200 each

'f0 each 80 per lb. Free 5O0 each

170 each

500 each

1056 ad val. ?>% ad val.

2 0 ^ ad val. 2 ^ ad val.

Animals, game, imported to be liberated in the United States for stocking purposes Live birds: Chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and turkeys: In the downy stage with quills not discernible Other Pigeons, fancy or racing Quail, bobwhlte Other live birds: Valued not over $5 each Valued over 85 each: Canaries Other