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S10 CONVENTION WITII COLOMBIA. 1824. Citizens of sale, donation, testament, or otherwise, and their representatives, being f::cl:,;;*l*¢ri};;· citizens of the other party, shall succeed to their said personal gugdg, ,h,,jj h;v*;°p,;,_,,_ whether by testament or ab intestate, and they may take possession them. er to dispose of ot, either by themselves or others acting for them, and dispose of the

      • 5 Pmtivsl same at their will, paying such dues only as the inhabitants of the coun-

$$2-5,,};:},;,*;,,n try, wherein the said goods are, shall be subject to pay in like cases_ of the other. And if in the case of real estate, the said heirs would be prevented from entering into the possession of the inheritance, on account of their character of aliens, there shall be granted to them the term of three years to dispose of the same, as they may think proper, and to withdraw the proceeds without molestation, and exempt from all rights of detraction, on the part of the government of the respective States. ARTICLE 10th. Speeialprotec Both the contracting parties promise and engage, formally to give

  • l°¤ *-0 be slV¤¤ their special protection to the persons and property of the citizens of
f;‘;f each other, of all occupations, who may be in the territories subject to

the citizens of the jurisdiction of the one or the other, transient or dwelling therein, fgligrvgy. H; leaving open and free to them the tribunals of justice for their judicial me 0,,;,*j*Y ° recourse, on the same terms which are usual and customary, with the natives or citizens of the country in which they may be ; for which they may employ in defence of their rights such advocates, solicitors, notaries, agents, and factors, as they may judge proper, in all their trials at law; and such citizens or agents shall have free opportunity to be present at the decisions and sentences of the tribunals, in all cases which may concern them, and likewise at the taking of all examinations and evidence which may be exhibited in the said trials. ARTICLE llth. Secnrity or It is likewise agreed that the most perfect and entire security of conggnggigngg f science shall be enjoyed by the citizens of both the contracting parties ,,,,,,,;',sy0,~ ,,32,, tn_ the countries subject to the jurisdiction of the one and the other, the contracting without their being liable to be disturbed or molested on account of ggmgcgnshhbe their religious belief, so long as they respect the laws and established jen, ,0 the Om usages of the country. Moreover,. the bodies of the citizens of one of und the miie,-_ the contracting parties, who may dic in the territories of the other, shall be buried in the usual burying grounds, or in other decent and suitable places, and shall be protected from violation or disturbance. ARTICLE 12th. Qitizens of It shall be lawthl for the citizens of the United States of America irhilrstiilndviith Bild of the Republic of .Colombia to sail with their ships, with all man· ,,,9,,. ship, {wm ner of liberty and security, no distinction being made, who are the proany port to the prietors of the merchandises laden thereon, from any port to the places $:26::,5 :,}:.238,. of *h°$€_Wh° Tl9W are 0i' h€1`GHfl6f Shall be at enmity with either of the j,,,,.,,,,m,. shan contracting parties. It shall likewise be lawful for the citizens aforebe ntenniizy said to sail with the ships and merchandises beforementioned, and to jjlglzgstljgzgg trade with the same liberty and security from the places, ports, and ,,,,,,,,,,_ havens, of those who are enemies of both or either party, without any oposition or disturbance whatsoever, not only directly from the places of the enemy, beforementioned, to neutral places, but also from one place belonging to an enemy to another place belonging to an enemy, whether-they be under the jurisdiction of one power or under several. And It is hereby stipulated, that free ships shall also give freedom to ·;.·,-,,0 ,,;,;,,5 goods, and that every thing shall be deemed to be free and exempt,

(jjjpke tree which shall be found Ion board the ships belonging to the citizens of

· either of the contracting parties, although the whole lading, or any part thereof should appertam to- the enemies of either, contraband goods being always excepted. Is is also agreed, in like manner, that the same