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[81 STAT. A20]
[81 STAT. A20]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Page Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, appro- Page priation for effecting provisions 353 Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Re578 view, appropriation for 73 Federal Communications Commission: Alaska Communications Disposal Act, 942 approval, etc 443 Appropriation for 50, 344 Boy Scout XII World Jamboree, 1967, Farragut State Park, Idaho, author642 ization for operation of amateur radio station 144 Federal Credit Union Act, Amendments: Officers— Authority of loan officers 567 421 Loans to 110 Quarterly dividends; credit for funds 943 received first 10 days of month 567 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 333 Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938: Federal Deposit Insurance Act, AmendAmendments, technical amendments rements, State nonmember insured flecting codification in Title 5 of rebank, prohibition of participation in cent law 222 gambling activities 610 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 388 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Family Planning Services, Economic Opinterest and dividends, maximum portunity Program, financial assistrates, extension of authority 226 ance 700, 708 Federal Development Planning CommitFamily Services, Bureau of, appropriation tees for Alaska, appropriation for 76 for 403 Federal Farm Loan Act, Amendment, loan Farm Credit Act of 1933, Amendments, interest rates, removal of limitations. 612 loan interest rates, removal of limitations . 612 Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska, appropriation Farm Credit Administration, appropriauthorization 171 tion for 50, 334 Federal Highway Administration. See also Farm Labor Contractor Registration Act Highways. of 1963, appropriation for effecting Alaska Omnibus Act, appropriation for provisions 387 effecting provisions 316 Farmers Home Administration: Appropriation for 41, 315 Appropriation for 331 Federal-aid highways, appropriation for. 315 Rural housing for domestic farm labor, Pacific Northwest Disaster Relief Act appropriation for 332 of 1965, appropriation for effecting Father Jacques Marquette, explorations, provisions 316 300th anniversary medals 363 Public Roads, Bureau of, appropriation Federal Airport Act, appropriation for for 41 effecting provisions 41, 314 Federal Home Loan Bank Board: Federal Aviation Act, appropriation for Appropriation for 358 effecting provisions 314, 342 Interest and dividends, maximum rates, Federal Aviation Administration: extension of authority 226 Appropriation for 41, 313 Federal Housing Administration, approwiation War Risk Insurance Fund, appriation for 360 propriation for 314 Federal Judicial Center, establishment— 664 Civil supersonic aircraft development, Federal Legislative Salary Act of 1964, appropriation for 314 Amendment, legislative officials, salary Claims, settlement for damages from rate increase 639 sonic boom 315 Federal Maritime Commission: Federal Bureau of Investigation, approAppropriation for 50, 430 priation for 40, 417 Pretrial discovery procedures, issuance. 544 EURATOM Cooperation Act of 1958, Amendment, maximum amounts of uranium, plutonium transferred to the Community European Migration, Intergovernmental Committee for, United States contribution, appropriation for Excise Tax. See under Taxes. Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Salaries, Commission on, establishment. _ Executive OflSce of the President. See Executive Office under President of the United States. Export Control Act of 1949, appropriation for effecting provisions Export-Import Bank of Washington, appropriation for