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[81 STAT. A21]
[81 STAT. A21]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

SUBJECT INDEX Federal Meat Inspection Act: Page Amendments— Auxiliary provisions, withdrawal of inspection service; seizure or condemnation, etc 597 Federal and State cooperation, establishment of program 595 Inspection requirements: adulteration and misbranding— Definitions, coordination with Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 584 Federal inspection labels, standards, etc 588 Horse meat, identification 590 Interstate commerce, meat and meat food products, regulation. 587 Meat processors and related in industries— 4-D animals, registration of meat brokers, etc 594 Meat not intended for human food, identification, records, etc 593 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, appropriation for 51, 409 Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act, appropriation for eJEfecting provisions 331, 352, 357, 394 Federal Power Commission, appropriation for 51,344 Federal Prison Industries, Incorporated, appropriation for 434 Federal Prison System, appropriation for.. 40, 418, 419 "Federal Programs for the Development of Human Resources", printing of additional copies 1055 Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949: Amendments— Conforming changes reflecting creation of Department of Housing and Urban Development 22 Reconstruction Finance Corporation property transferred to other Government agencies, payment in lieu of taxes, extension 119 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 33, 347, 407 Federal Radiation Council, appropriation for 409 Federal Railroad Administration: Alaska Railroad Revolving Fund, appropriation for 318 Appropriation for 317 Bureau of Railroad Safety, appropriation for 317 Federal Register: Printing, binding, and distribution, appropriation for ' 140


Publication in— Page Administrative operations, public information, agency rules, etc 54 Air pollution prevention, air quality standards; recommendations; hearings 491, 493 Communist countries, economic assistance to. Presidential determination 939 Federal pay rates, executive, legislative and judicial branches. Presidential recommendation 644 Meat inspection, Federal-State cooperative program, certain designations 596 National Commission on Product Safety, study, hearings 467, 468 Subversive Activities Control Board, orders 770 Federal Republic of Germany, loan of naval vessel, extension 729 Federal Reserve Act, Amendments: Conforming changes reflecting creation of Department of Housing and Urban Development 28 Officers of member banks, loans to 109 State member bank, prohibition of participation in gambling activities. 609 Federal Reserve System, interest and dividends, maximum rates, extension of authority 226 "Federal Role in Urban Affairs", printing of additional copies 1057 Federal Salary Act of 1967 624 "Federal System as Seen by Federal Aid Officials", printing of additional copies 1054 Federal Tax Lien Act of 1966, appropriation for capitalization of revolving fund 114 Federal Trade Commission, appropriation for 51,344 Federal Water Pollution Control Administration, appropriation for 479 Finland, congratulations on 50th anniversary 1060 Fire Prevention Week, 1967, proclamation 1121 Firearms, Mutual Security Act of 1954, amendment, firearms sent abroad, return for State or local law enforcement use 463 Firemen, social security program, coverage in certain states 842 Fish and Wildlife Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 326 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions 472,475