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[82 STAT. A54]
[82 STAT. A54]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Saline Water Conversion Act, Amend- Page Schools and Colleges—Continued Page ments, program, appropriation auFinancial aid to students, not considered thorization 110 as income 1063 San Gabriel Wilderness, Angeles National Gallaudet College, D. C. — Forest, Calif., designation 131 Appropriation for 328, 989 San Rafael Wilderness, Los Padres NaBoard of Directors, additional mem. tional Forest, Calif., designation 51 bers 397 Sandburg Home National Historical Site, Health professions training programs, Carl, N.C., establishment 1154 research facilities, etc., grants, Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, loans 773-789 Mass., establishment 72 Housing— Save Your Vision Week, 1968, proclamaAppropriation for 1193 tion 1612 Direct loan program 604 Savings and Loan Holding Company Howard University, appropriation Amendments of 1967 5 for 328, 989 School Lunch Program, appropriation Iowa State University, land conveyance for 308, 645 by Department of Agriculture 393 School Lunch Week, National, 1968, Law school clinical experience proproclamation 1645 grams 1048 School Safety Patrol Week, National, 1968: Library assistance program, extension __ 1036 Designation 69 National School Lunch Act— Proclamation 1620 Amendments, special food service proSchools and Colleges: See also Education. gram for children 117 Agricultural colleges, increased a p p r o Appropriation for effecting provisions. 645 priation, authorization 241 National School Lunch Week, 1968, American schools abroad— proclamation 1645 Appropriation for grants 960 National School Safety P a t r o l Week, Economic assistance 1137 1968— Child Nutrition Act of 1966— Designation 69 Amendments, school breakfast proProclamation 1589 gram 119 National Vocational S t u d e n t Loan I n Appropriation for effecting provisions. 645 surance Act of 1965— Chilocco Indian School, Okla., land Amendments, s t u d e n t loan insurance conveyance to Cherokee Nation 70 programs, interest r a t e 635 D a r t m o u t h College, Hanover, N. H., Repeal 1024 200th anniversary, commemoraRehabilitation of youth, training of tion 881 personnel 470 District of Columbia, reduced bus fares for schoolchildren._1187 Saint Louis University, Mo., 150th anDistrict of Columbia Public School Food niversary 1201 Services Act, amendment, emSchool lunch program — ployees salaries, adjustments 1363 Appropriation for 645 District of Columbia Teachers' Leave D.C., employee salary adjustments__ 1363 Act of 1949, amendment, sick and Sea g r a n t colleges and program s — emergency leave, restriction 140 Appropriation for 945 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary Authorization of funds 704 Act Amendments of 1968 132 Special milk program, appropriation for_ 645 District of Columbia Teachers' Salary " S t a y in School" Campaign, proclamaAct of 1955, amendments, salary tion 1644 increases, schedule 132 S t u d e n t misconduct, denial of Federal Eisenhower College, Seneca Falls, N. Y., aid 1062 grants to 1000 Teacher Corps program, appropriation Appropriation for 1198 for 976 Federal City College, D.C., a land-grant University of Maine, land conveyance, college 241 release by Agriculture Department Federally affected areas, appropriation for assistance 975 of certain conditions in deed 122