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[82 STAT. A55]
[82 STAT. A55]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Page Science and Technology, Office of: Page Senate—Continued Appropriations Committee on, reports Appropriation for 938 toG r a d u a t e Education, Advisory Council Atomic Energy Commission, transfer on, member 1049 of funds 716 Science Foundation, National. See National Science Foundation. State, Department of, foreign assistSea Grant Colleges and Programs: ance funds 1138 Appropriation for 945 Armed Services, Committee on, reports Authorization of funds 704 toSecond Liberty Bond Act, Amendments, Air Force, Department of the, miliredemption of savings notes, payment t a r y construction, etc 385 for losses 1155 Army, Department of the, military Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, construction, etc 371 1966, Amendment, studies of savings Defense, Department of— and loan industry, reporting date 610 MiHtary construction, etc___ 386, 387, 389 Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, Procurement contracts, uniform 1968 307 cost accounting standards, Secret Service, United States: study 279 Appropriation for 192, 320, 1198 Navy, Department of the, military Former Presidents, widow and minor construction, etc 378 children, protection 1198 Banking and Currency, Committee on, Presidential and Vice Presidential cancommission to study mortgage didates, protection 170 interest rates, member 114 Securities and Exchange Commission: Banking and Currency, Committee on, Appropriation for 336, 946, 1192 reports to — Interagency Advisory Committee on Defense procurement contracts, uniCompensation for Motor Vehicle form cost accounting standards, Accident Losses, member 127 study 279 Securities Exchange Act of 1934, AmendHousing and Urban Development, ments: Department of, 1968 program. _ 477, Over-the-counter securities, margins 452 479, 500, 524, 533 Securities m a r k e t s, s t u d y on effect of Contingent expenses, appropriation for_ 399, institutional investors 453 404 "Takeover b i d, " disclosure of corporate Foreign Relations, Committee on, reequity ownership 454 Security Council, National, appropriation ports to — for 195,324 President of the United States, foreign Selective Service System, appropriation military sales 1322, 1325 for 313,946 State, Department of, foreign military Seminole Tribe of Indians, Okla., disposisales, exports 1326 tion of j u d g m e n t funds 1148 Government Operations, Committee on, S e n a t e. See also Congress; Legislative reports by Federal agencies, grantBranch of the Government. in-aid programs 1102 Adjournment 1442, 1443, 1446, 1450 Interior and Insular Affairs Committee, Adjournment, sine die 1452 filing of m a p of San Rafael WilderAeronautical and Space Sciences, Comness by Agriculture Department mittee on, reports by NASA, use of with 51 funds 281-283 Kennedy, R o b e r t F., payment to widow. 317 Agriculture and Forestry, Committee Majority leader, Presidential and Vice on, reports by Agriculture DepartPresidential Candidates, advisory ment, poultry inspection program s. 793, committee on protection of, mem807 ber 170 Appointments with advice and consent Minority leader. Presidential and Vice of. See Appointments by, with adPresidential Candidates, advisory vice and consent of Senate under committee on protection of, memPresident of the United States. ber 170 Appropriation for 317, 321, 398, 1195