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[84 STAT. 1752]
[84 STAT. 1752]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1970


PUBLIC LAW 91-606-DEC. 31, 1970

[84 STAT.

of the accommodations being furnished, adjusted to take into consideration the financial ability of the occupant. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any such emergency housing acquired by purchase may be sold directly to individuals and families who are occupants thereof at prices that are fair and equitable. Any mobile home or readily fabricated dwelling shall be placed on a site complete with utilities provided by State or local government, or by the owner or occupant of the site who was displaced by the major disaster, without charge to the United States. However, the Director may elect to provide other more economical and accessible sites at Federal expense when he determines such action to be in the public interest. Temporary mort^j^^ -j^j^g President is authorized to provide assistance on a temm^ems7 "^^"^ ^^^" porary basis in the form of mortgage or rental payments to or on behalf of individuals and families who, as a result of financial hardship caused by a major disaster, have received written notice of dispossession or eviction from a residence by reason of foreclosure of any mortgage or lien, cancellation of any contract of sale, or termination of any lease, entered into prior to the disaster. Such assistance shall be provided for a period of not to exceed one year or for the duration of Remployment |^]^g period of financial hardship, whichever is the lesser. The President assis ance. .^ authorized for the purposes of this subsection and in furtherance of the purposes of section 240 of this Act, to provide reemployment assistance services under other laws to individuals who are unemployed as a result of a major disaster. SMALL B U S I N E S S DISASTER LOANS

^7^ Stat. 389; 78 Stat. 7. ' "^"^ ^

SEC. 231. I n the administration of the disaster loan program under section 7(b)(1), (2), and (4) of the Small Business Act, as amended (15 U.S.C. 636(b)), in the case of property loss or damage or injury resulting from a major disaster as determined by the President or a disaster as determined by the Administrator, the Small Business Administration— (1) to the extent such loss or damage or injury is not compensated for by insurance or otherwise, (A) shall, on that part of any loan in excess of $500, cancel the principal of the loan, except that the total amount so canceled shall not exceed $2,500, except that this clause (A) shall apply only to loans made to cover losses and damage and injury resulting from major disasters as determined by the President, and (B) may defer interest payments or principal payments, or both, in wiole or in part, on any loan made under this section during the first three years of the term of the loan except that any such deferred payments shall bear interest at the rate determined under section 234 of this Act. (2) to the extent such injury, loss, or damage is not compensated for by insurance or otherwise, may grant any loan for repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of property damaged, or destroyed, without regard to whether the required financial assistance is otherwise available from private sources. (3) may, in the case of the total destruction or substantial property damage of a home or business concern, refinance any mortgage or other liens outstanding against the destroyed or damaged property if such property is to be repaired, rehabilitated, or replaced, except that the amount refinanced shall not exceed the amount of the physical loss sustained. Any such refinancing shall be subject to the provisions of clauses (1) and (2) of this section.