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[85 STAT. 701]
[85 STAT. 701]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-203-DEC. 18, 197L


half years from the date of enactment of this Act, determines that—• (A) twenty-five or more Natives were residents of an established village on the 1970 census enumeration date as shown by the census or other evidence satisfactory to the Secretary, who shall make findings of fact in each instance; and (B) the village is not of a modern and urban character, and a majority of the residents are Natives. NATIVE LAND


SEC. 12. (a)(1) During a period of three years from the date of enactment of this Act, the Village Corporation for each Native village identified pursuant to section 11 shall select, in accordance with rules established by the Secretary, all of the township or townships in which any part of the village is located, plus an area that will make the total selection equal to the acreage to which the village is entitled under section 14. The selection shall be made from lands withdrawn by subsection 11(a): Provided, That no Village Corporation may select more ^^^"^^^^ umitathan 69,120 acres from lands withdrawn by subsection 11(a)(2), and not more than 69,120 acres from the National Wildlife Refuge System, and not more than 69,120 acres in a National Forest: Provided further, That when a Village Corporation selects the surface estate to lands within the National Wildlife Refuge System or Naval Petroleum Reserve Numbered 4, the Regional Corporation for that region may select the subsurface estate in an equal acreage from other lands withdrawn by subsection 11(a) within the region, if possible. (2) Selections made under this subsection (a) shall be contiguous and in reasonably compact tracts, except as separated by bodies of water or by lands which are unavailable for selection, and shall be in whole sections and, wherever feasible, in units of not less than 1,280 acres. (b) The difference between twenty-two million acres and the total Allocation. acreage selected by Village Corporations pursuant to subsection (a) shall be allocated by the Secretary among the eleven Regional Corporations (which excludes the Regional Corporation for southeastern Alaska) on the basis of the number of Natives enrolled in each region. Each Regional Corporation shall reallocate such acreage among the Native villages within the region on an equitable basis after consider\ ing historic use, subsistence needs, and population. The action of the Secretary or the Corporation shall not be subject to judicial review. Each Village Corporation shall select the acreage allocated to it from the lands withdrawn by subsection 11(a). (c) The difference between thirty-eight million acres and the 22 million acres selected by Village Corporations pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) shall be allocated among the eleven Regional Corporations (which excludes the Regional Corporation for southeastern Alaska) as follows: (1) The number of acres each Regional Corporation is entitled to computation, receive shall be computed (A) by determining on the basis of available data the percentage of all land in Alaska (excluding the southeastern region) that is within each of the eleven regions, (B) by applying that percentage to thirty-eight million acres reduced by the acreage in the southeastern region that is to be selected pursuant to section 16, and (C) by deducting from the figure so computed the number of acres within that region selected pursuant to subsections (a) and (b). (2) I n the event that the total number of acres selected within a region pursuant to subsections (a) and (b) exceeds the percentage of the reduced thirty-eight million acres allotted to that region pursuant