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PUBLIC LAW 93-000—MMMM. DD, 1973



Page ACTION—Continued ^'*^« VISTA— Abaca Cordage Fiber, disposition from Authorization of funds 415 national stockpile 99 Civil Service retirement, credible servAbortions, use of foreign assistance funds ice for 412, 417 for, prohibition 716 Continuation and expansion 396 Accounts, Bureau of, appropriation for 114, Term of service, extension; oath of 116, 484, 511 office 397 ACTION: Active Corps of Executives: Active Corps of Executives— Authorization of funds 415 Authorization of funds 415 Expansion of program; expenses, reimExpansion of program; expenses, bursement 404 reimbursement 404 Appropriation for_._ 108, 127, 762, 1054, 1077 Administrative Conference of the United States, appropriation for 516 Continuation under new authority 405 Adult Education Act: Deputy Associate Directors, appointAmendment, special programs for eldment 406 erly persons 59 Domestic and Anti-Poverty Operations, Appropriation for effecting provisions.755 Associate Director for, designation. 405 Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973. 394 Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: Foster Grandparent Program— Appropriation for 128, 516 Authorization of funds 55, 415 State "doing business" taxes on out-ofMinority group participation 404 State financial institutions, study. _ 347 International Operations, Associate Director for, designation 405 Advisory Committee on Cemeteries and Memorials, establishment 75 Labor standards 410 Advisory Committee on Federal Pay, Library services program for the elderly, appropriation for 516 coordination 58 Advisory Committee on Structural Safety National Voluntary Service Advisory of Veterans' Administration Facilities, Council, establishment 409 appointment 195 Older American Community Service Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, programs— time extension; expansion and extenAuthorization of funds 415 sion of program; United States particMinority group participation 404 ipation in International Centre 139 Peace Corps, appropriation for 1054 Programs, grant recipients, audit 414 Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, National, Amendments: Retired Senior Volunteer Program— Excess land, disposal 175 Authorization of funds 415 Visitor facilities in NASA installations, Grants, additional funds authorized.. 55 concessions 174 Minority group participation 404 Aeronautics and Space Administration, Service Corps of Retired Executives— National: Authorization of funds 415 Appropriation for 494 Expansion of program; expenses, Associate Administrators, compensareimbursement 404 tion 175 Special volunteer programs 400 Construction of facilities, research and University Year for ACTION— development, etc., appropriation Authorization of funds 415 authorization 171 Civil Service retirement, credible service for 412, 417 Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, 1974, National.. 171 Continuation and expansion 399 01