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1040 INDEX. Hema Prmzu, Mmm, (continued.) attachments under, from United States all castles, forts. Sec., taken and encoucourts, to be dissolved same as Lhose from 'ed by the United Simca within the State courts, - -· - - 213 Exits of Mexico established by this Maury, W. S., treaty, to be restored immediately P¤YY¤z¤c to. · - - - 616 after exchange of ratiticaaions, 924 Husguger. Erm.! evacuation of Mexicim territory pn home departznent, · — - 397 to be completed in mma munshs pn posbcicc department, - - 365 hum exchange of raziicaticms, 925 m departments generally, - - 369 if mtiicsziom should not take place pf electoral votes, pay of a., - 295, 417 in time to allow of embarkation of m 01Hcc of commissioners of Imliau affairs, United Status troops before the compay of, ----- 527 mcncemeut of the sickly season, of Amamey-General, pay of, · 532 healthy places to be designated for of elector, mileage of, - - - 295 their residence umu mmm of Metwmlognkt, healthy season, · · - 925 payment oi; ··-- 168ners of wu to be restored, 925 Ifdearclogical Obaervatiouu, ggvixoxdary Hue between the two r¤pub— appropriation; fox, 268, 378, 514, 622 lics established, - - - 926 Methodist Epzkaopal Church, southern and western limits of New provision for payment to, in the treaty with Mexico, as referred to in this article, thaliansas, cflan. 14, 1846, - 842 defined, ---- 925 Helhadisz Epiampal Church of Georgetmm, a commissioner and surveyor to be ap- Crustecs of, authorized to hold certain red pointed by each government to mm estate, ·---— 795 and mark the boundary lines, who Mctoyer, Beryizmin, shall meet at Sam Diego within cnc settlement of claim on estate cf, · 705 year from exchange of ratihcazions, Hexehv. 927 prosecution of war with, - - 9, 10 they shall keep journals, Sec., 927 proclamaxion respecting war with, Appen- bcugdary line to be religiously respecn dix, No. 2. cd, · ---. 927 appropriation to pay fourth and fifth instal- free passage by the Gulf of California meme of Hexican iudemniti . · 94 and River Colorado to vessels of the appmpriatixm no secure peace with, 174 United States, - - - 928 payment of claims ou, — - · 265 an agreement to be entered imo resuxvcy of boundary with, 301, 426, 541, 614 specting the construction of a mad, appropriation to pay instalments tc, 348 canal, or railway to run on the banks execution of treaty with, respecting claims of the River Gila, - - 928 om ‘ -` - - 393 navigation of Rivers Gila. and Rio Branccouuts of those recovering military con- vo below the boundary lim: to bc tribuzions in war with, - — 412 common to vessels and citizens of payment tc, ·-—- 473 both countries, · - — 928 purchase of cemetery in, · - 606 navigation of said rivers not to be obappropriation fur running and marking structed, and no tax to be levied on boundary wich, - 426, 541, 614 vessels or persona navigating the stock to issue for payment of claims ou, same without the consent of both 617 governments, - - 928, 929 beaty of peace and limits of Feb. 2, 1848, Mexicans established in tcmtgcs ccdwith, ·---- 922 ed to the United States to free to firm and universal pence to prevail be- continue where zhey ue, or to rctween the two republics, — 922 move at any 1-chaining their couvcmicn to be anim-ed imo for the property or disposing of the same at provisional suspension of hostilities, pleasure, --—- 929 922, 923 those who remain may either retain immediately u n the mtiicatiun of the tide and rights of Mexican cmtbis treaty, blrocknde of the Mexican mm, or become citizens of the United ports tc cease, — - · 923 States, - ·· — · 929 troops of the United States to be with- elaciinn to be made within one drawn from the interior to certain year, -· - ·· - 929 points neu: the sea·cunst, md evacu- property to be iuviclnbly respected, ation of the interior to be completed 929 with the least possible delay, 923 how Mexicans remaining in she ceded custommouscs to be delivered up to territories may become citizens uf the Mexican sutheritia, &c., 923 the United States, - — 930 nn amount to be made out of the incursicunufuvngn tribes into the terlmuunt of all duties collected by the riwry of Hexicc to be restxained by United States after the zntihcaticn the government of thc United States of this treaty by Hcxico; the anme, or punished, - - - 930 after deducting costs, to be paid mm: inhabitant.; of the United States not to to the government of Mexico within purchase ani Mexicans, &u., capthm¤month¤a£¤¤excha¤geofnd· tmed by In `amn, nor to purchase icmticmn, -·—— 924 horses, mules, Sec., stolen by them evacuation of the uapitsl of Memo to within Mexican tcxritenjy, ~ _ 931 bsocmpmadinonc mcmth, 924 puacmupmrod in Human temtoxy