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472 THIR.TY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 72. 1850. the government, and who shall have power either to affirm, modify, or reverse the decisions of the register and receiver, and to authorize them to grant a certificate upon the cash payment to the receiver, of what may be determined to be a. fair assessment on the lot confirmed; and upon such payment being made, and the return of the certificate to the general land oiHce, a patent shall issue. And the said register and receiver shall each receive, from the proceeds of such sales, the sum of five dollars for every claim examined and adjudicated by them under this act. Commissioner Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful S‘;:h$;f;jt*‘3§; for the commissioner to order into market, after public notice of at to bg sgld am, least two months all vacant lots, or lots to which a claim may be re. {>:g¥;;;>;¤¢ ¤f jectcd, and to sél the same for cash to the highest bidder, subject to a ' minimum of two thirds of their estimated value; and upon such sales being made, and proper returns reported to the general land office, the commissioner, if the proceedings are found regular, shall be authorized to issue patents. Atfter adjpdi- Sm. 10. And be it further enacted, That aiier all the claims shall

j have been adjudicated, surveyed, and the vacant lots sold, it shall be

mn; lots, gll the duty of the proper accounting offncers of the treasury to ascertain m°¤°Y* *°°¢¤'· the net amount of sales, after deducting all expenses incident to the ed, after deduct- . . . ing 8Xp9,mS to executxon of thxs act, and such amount shall be pmd over by the Secbe gmig1 to the retary of the Treasury to the trustees, or other constituted authorities,

 of Salt Ste. Marie, tp be expended ]>y them in the improvements of

m be expended the streets and erectmn of publxc bunldmgs. in P“b“° im· APPROVED September 26 1850 prcvcmeuts. ’ ’ Sept. 26, 1850. CHAP. LXXII. -.4n Act to reduce the minimum Brice of the Mineral Lands in —-———-—-— the {Aka Superior District in Miclzigan, and in the Chippewa District in Wic- COTLSZTL. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _ Y:€P3¤1 13**63 United States of America in Congress assembled, That the mineral "‘- '° 1g" au lands in the Lake Su erior district in Michi an, and in the Chi cwa Wxsconsxn to be P g PP offered for sage d1str1ct ID Wxsconsm, shall be offered for public sale ID the same mau- ” °‘h°’ Pub]" ner and be subject to the same minimum price and the same rights of

 preemption ws the other public land of the Ugnited States and such

- . s ;

 P¤¢*§ ¤f Mts portions of the act of first March, eighteen hundred and forty-seven,
°;;‘§j“°°t r° "t0 establish a land office in the northern part of Michigan, and to

provide for the sale of the mineral lands in the State of Michigan," and 1347,ch_32,aud of the act of the third March, eighteen hundred and forty-seven, " to ¢T\· 5*- create an additional land district in the Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purp0ses," as are inconsistent with the provisions of this act, P¤>vi¤¤· shall be, aqd the same are hereby, repealed: Provided, however, That the rxght gxven by those acts of first and third March, eighteen hundred and forty-seycn, to lessees, occupants, and permittees, to enter to t{1e‘extent of their leases and pernjts, and no less, shall not be consxeered as impaired by this act; but said lessees, occupants, and permxttees shall be authorized to enter the land covered by their leases, occupanc , and permits, res ectivel , as therein mvided at the mmx- · ) n A 1) nr t P ) P ’ mum pr1ce xe y xs ac . Holder of u Sec. 2. And be it urtlwr enacted That the holder of a lease or I . . ’ . . ti°:‘: :g2 :;;’; pcrmxt covering more than one full section of the mineral lands, {15 entitled on sm; aforesaid, shall be entitled, on the surrender and annulment of sand {¤¤d¤& ¤f liuid lease or permit at the proper land-oflice, to purchase, if he shall Blfiflt °°:;°fu1f°‘;';t?§: to H0 so, one ful! section, and no more, of the land covered by said ¤.c the minimum lease or permit, nt a minimum price of two dollars and fifty cents per acre. P'*°°- APPROVED, September 26, 1850.