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THIRTY—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 71. 1850, 471 first class, and those under that section which may be rejected by them, shall be placed in abstract A, second class; and in all cases contemplated by the fourth section of this act, the confirmation of the commissioners shall be placed in abstract B, first class, and their rejections in abstract B, second class. Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That in the aforesaid abstracts, Formand conthe register and receiver shall designate the number of each claim, ******5 °*` ¤l>· name of present and of original claimant, area, present value of the Smcm lot, exclusive of improvements, and the amount, which, in their opinion, it would be just to require as a payment for the same to the government; and the said officers shall designate on the aforesaid map of the public surveys the location of each claim as near as it can be ascertained from the testimony, with the estimated actual value, and the assessment thereon of the sum which, in their judgment, should be paid for the same to the government. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the surveyor-general at Surveyor-gore Detroit, on being notified of the completion by the land officers of the 2Q2e?; aforesaid abstracts and map, shall despatch a skilful deputy to the gd 0g,,,,€,,,,;,,,,gl,, Sault Ste. Marie, who shall file in the land office at that place his Of mw Md nbaffidavit hxithfully and impartially to discharge his duty, and thereupon 3;r€g:;’ t(Q§°ng,;' there shall be delivered to him the said abstracts and map, and he shall Sault Ste, Marie, then proceed forthwith to lay off and survey the village of Sault Ste. {May °§*h°‘*’u‘ Marie into town lots, streets, avenues, public squares, out-lots, having age' regard to the lots and streets already actually surveyed, existing or established, and having regard also to the existing limits and extent of the lots, and to the existing limits and extent of the lots covered by the claims which shall have been adjudicated by the register and receiver; and after such surveys shall have been completed, the afore- Further duties said deputy shall prepare a plat exhibiting, in connexion with the lines °f dw d°P“*Y of the public surveys, the exterior lines of the whole village, also the squares, individual lots, and the public lots, and also the out-lots, designating the lots reserved for military or other purposes, according to the extent and limits of the same, as fixed by the proper military officers, pursuant to the requirements of the second section of this act, and specifying the name of each claimant of the individual lot, and whether confirmed or rejected, the sum assessed by the register and receiver as a payment which should be made in each case by the party, and also designating the vacant in-lots and out-lots, the former of which shall be subdivided into lots not to exceed each a quarter of an acre, and the latter not to exceed two acres each; and it shall be the duty of the said deputy, from the best information he can obtain, and after conference with the land officers, to specify on the survey of each vacant lot the actual present estimated value, and it shall be the duty of the aforesaid deputy to return to the register and receiver their abstracts and map, and to submit to them his plat of the actual surveys, and if they shall be satisfied that it is in accordance with their adjudications, they shall append a certificate to that effect, and the said deputy shall then transmit the said plat with the field notes to the surveyor-general at Detroit for examination of the work, and if that officer shall find it faithfully and properly executed, he shall allow the said deputy a per diem of five dollars for every day actually and necessarily engaged in Compensation. the preliminary examination and surveys, and in the construction of the plat, and shall also pay all necessary expenses. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Abstracts and surveyor-general, upon the approval of the plat, or actual survey by his fgxgsgrgggingizfi deputy, to return the said plat to the register and receiver, who shall to oorryr of gcnthereupon transmit the same, with their abstracts, maps, and record of *2*] hud 9 .°°¤ téstimon t th c mmissio ri f the eneral land office whose dc- iv cse dwswm Y, 0 e O H9 0 g a in all cases, shall cision in every case shall be final, and binding upon the parties and be binding.