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THIR.TY·—FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 90. 1850. 523 with which the southern District Court of New York has been in- concurrent jurisvested, the said courts be, and hereby are, invested respectively, within d}¢$¤¤ i¤ all the limits of its district, with the exercise of concurrent jurisdiction Qgld °§s°“U'?‘°§f and powers in all civil cases now exercised by the Circuit Courts of Circuit hearts. the United States; and that, in all cases where said Courts shall exercise such jurisdiction, appeals may be taken from the judgments, orders, or decrees of said courts, to the Supreme Court of the United States, in the same manner, and upon the same conditions, as appeals may be taken from the Circuit Courts. Sec. ll. And be it further enacted, That all civil causes now pend- Certain _ cases ing in any of the courts of California, the jurisdiction of which may ::“0i’fEg*;’(§urj'; properly belong to the courts of the United States herein established, cgygauroma, to shall be removed to the said United States courts, either by writ of be remvved W certiorari, or by a transfer of the original papers, with an exemplilica- tm U' S' °°"m' tion from the record or docket entry, under the seal of the court from which they shall be removed, for which exemplilication the clerk of said court shall receive the same fees as may be allowed by law for similar services, to be paid by the party applying for such transfer; and in case of a final determination of the cause in favor of the party paying for such record, he shall be entitled to tax the expense thereof; as other costs are taxable, against the party failing in said suit; and all cases, &.c., removed, shall take rank on the dockets and lists of cases of said United States courts according to priority of date, and be proceeded in as cases originally brought in said courts. Approved, September 28. 1850. Cnr. XC.—An Ac: making Appropriations for the Civil and Dzplvmatzo Ex- Sapp 30, 1850, penses of Government for the Year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hun- —-——- dred and jijlry-one, and for other Purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following Agg¤>1>¤‘i¤fi¢>¤ sums be, and hereby are, appropriated out of any money in the treasu- f" 1 l' ry not otherwise appropriated, for the objects hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty- one, namely : — Legislative. —- For compensation and mileage of senators, members Congress, comcf the House of Representatives, and delegates, four hundred and six- P€?”*i°¤ ’·¤d teen thousand three hundred and thirty-eight dollars. And it i hereby mljgjgegp 6_ declared that, according to the true interpretation of the third section of the act entitled "An Act allowing compensation to the members of the Senate, members of the House of Representatives of the United States, and to the delegates of the Territories, and repealing all other laws on that subject," approved twenty-second January, eighteen hundred and eighteen, all certificates which have been or may be granted eminent, to by the presiding officers of the Senate and House of Representatives be <=¤¤¤l¤SiV¢· respectively, of the amount of compensation due to the members of their several houses, and to such delegates, are, and ought to be, deemed, held, and taken, and are hereby declared to be, conclusive iépon all the departments and officers of the government of the United tates. For compensation of the officers and clerks of both Houses of Con- Omcers. gress, forty-one thousand nine hundred and thirteen dollars and twenty- six cents. For stationery, fuel, printing, and other contingent expenses of the Contingencies. Senate, including publishing proceedings and debates, one hundred Senatethousand dollars. For Stationery, fuel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of Contingencies.