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524 THIRTY-FIRST CONGRESS. Sess. 1. Ch. 90. 1850. House of Rep- the House of Representatives, one hundred and ninety-seven thousand ¥'°*°¤mi"°°- seven hundred and forty-nine dollars. lncreaseofcon- For addition to the contingent fund of the House of Representau°g°°t fund' tives, thirty thousand dollars. Omeers. Library of Congress. — For compensation of librarian, two assistant librarians, and messenger, four thousand five hundred dollars. Contingencies. For contingent expenses of said library, eight hundred dollars. ` Books. For purchase of books for said library, five thousand dollars. For purchase of law books for said library, two thousand dollars. International For carrying into elfect the international exchanges of books, au- °‘fg‘4‘§“§5f· 73 thorized by the act of twenty-sixth June, eighteen hundred and forty- ’` eight, entitled·"An Act to regulate the exchanges of certain documents and other publications of Congress," two thousand dollars. Library for the For the purchase of books for the library of the Treasury Depart- T’·"°‘·“’>’ D°P"· ment, one thousand dollars. Library for the For the purchase of a library to be preserved in the executive man-

f_'m"° mm' sion, two thousand dollars; and the joint committee on the library

of Congress are hereby authorized to supply the said libraries with any duplicates of public documents which can be spared from the public .T,,.,, ,;,0,,,,,,,1 collections in the library of Congress, or elsewhere; and the secretary copies of the De- of the Senate and the clerk of the House of Representatives be au-

j thorized and required to subscribe, on behalf of Congress, for two

gi-ees to be rub- thousand copies of the Debates and Proceedings of Congress, from the '°"“’°d f°*'· commencement of the first session (of which the one thousand copies of the first four Congresses, already subscribed for, be considered as part) to the second session of the eighteenth Congress, when the Register of Debates, already published, begins; the price per volume not to exceed that agreed upon for the volumes already printed and delivered under the title of "Annals of Congress,"· which copies (after dis- D?¤*1‘ib¤fi¤¤-- tributing one copy to each member of the thirty-first Congress, not provided for by the previous order for supplying the members of the thirtieth Congress) shall be deposited with the librarian of Congress for the future disposition of Congress. ’ P¥°¤id°¤*· Executive. — For compensation of the President of the United States, twenty-five thousand dollars. Vi<>¢·P¤¤¤i<l¤¤¢· For compensation of the Vice-President of the United States, one thousand dollars. fgwshw wd Department of »S'late.—For compensation of the Secretary of State, ° °““° and the clerks, messenger, and assistant messenger, in his office, twenty- eight thousand three hundred dollars. 0°¤*i¤8•f¤°i°¤· For the incidental and contingent expenses of said department, viz. 1 hwg Pubkshing For publishing the laws in pamphlet form, and in the newspapers of the ' States and Territories, and in the city of Washington, eighteen thousand two hundred dollars. For proof-reading, packing, and distributing laws and documents, including boxes, labor, and transportation, ten thousand dollars. Stationery, &c. For stationery, blank books, binding, labor and attendance, furnitlupp, fixtures, repairs, painting and glazing, four thousand five hundred 0 ars. Printing, etc. For printing (letter-press and copperplate) books and maps, two thousand dollars. Newspapers. For newspapers, two hundred dollars. _ Extra clerk For extra clerk hire and copying, two thousand dollars. hgggsceu For miscellaneous items, one thousand dollars. N,,,.,;,.,:;°2¥; _ For compensation of the superintendent and four watchmen of the eutive building. north-east executivebuilding, one thousand seven hundred and ten dollars; for contingent expenses of said building, viz., for labor, fuel, and light, two thousand two hundred dollars. For mkcellaneous items, one thousand one hundred dollars.