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748 THIRTIETH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rus. 28. 1848. United States, to such impartial and disinterested citizen learned in the law as said Solicitor and said parties may select, to decide said differences on such terms and conditions, and in such mode, manner, and form, as may be deemed just and proper by said Solicitor and said parties, to be set forth in such submission; and that said Solicitor be directed to defend the rights and interests of the United States before such arbitrator, and to obtain from Havana, or elsewhere, such papers as may be necessary therefor, the decision of said arbitrator to be made before or during the next session of Congress, and, with the evidence on which the same is founded, to be laid before Congress at its next session, for its approval and ratification thereof, or dissent therefrom, and for its further action. Approved, August ll, 1848. Aug. 14, 1848. [N0. 28.]-.0 Resolutionfor the Relief of H. B. Gaither. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United $9.40to bepaid States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War ,$gl_i:;k& be authorized and required to pay to H. B. Gaither the sum of two of and gkgepigg hundred and forty dollars, for taking charge of and keeping certain ¤*{*¤i¤ ¤<><>k$ ¤’¤· books relating to the payment of the Cherokees, in the yeareighteen lating to the pay- h . . . . . mcnwhhe Chev undred and forty-one, under an implied contract with William Armokees in 18-11. strong, agent for said Indians; and that said sum be, and the same is herebyhappgopriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriate .

 August 14, 1848.