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PRIVATE ACTS OF THE THIRTIETH CONGRESS or mx UNITED STATES, Passed at the suand Session, which was begun and held at the City ey' !Vaslzingtem, in Um District of Columbia, on Monday the 4th Day qfDeccmber, 1848, and ended Saturday, Mach 3, 1849. Jmss K. Pom, President; Gzoncz M., Vice-President, and President of the Senate; Dum R. Arcnxsou, President of the Senate pm tcmpcre on and after March 2, 1849 ; Ronznr C. Wmmmor, Speaker of the House of Representatives. . , 848. Cuuun I.-32: Ac! for the Rdiqf of the Heirs of Jean. F. Perry, Josiah Blmkley, Nichols: Jurwt, and Robcrt Morrimrn. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the register of Cgrmicgzes of the land oiicc at Kaskaskia be required to issue certificates of con- £;’t;§;’at‘°’Qa§§ iirmation on the several ciaims to lands confirmed to the said Jean F. claims to be ss. Perry, Josiah Blaakley, Nicholas Jarrot, and Robert Morrison, by the $****1 *3 ·’£g°·P°" governors of the northwestern or Indiana Territories, upon those ty an 0 em" ciaims where such ccrtiécates have not heretofore issued, which certificates shall be issued to the heirs of the said persons, and shall not exceed in the whole four thousand six hundred acres of land. Szc. 2. And be it fixrt/wr enacted, That such certificates may be Wheretobeloiccatcd in legal subdivisions upon any Iaud subject to private cntry in °°‘°°d‘ any land office in Illinois, established for the sale of the public lands agrccabiy to the provisions of the act entitled ".An Act confirming 1314,.;};. 61, certain claims to land in the Illinois Territory, and providing for their 10=G&ti<>¤," approved April sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fou1't8B!1, and patents shall be issued therefor agrccably to said act. Pammtoissue. Ammuvzn, December 21, 1848. Cnr. II.-··.a»• Anja; the Rai;] of Rmb"; Perry and Thomas P. Ligon. gm 3, 1g4g_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assebzbled, That the Secretary The Secretary Gffhe Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to 3S08F- of ggeggffsgg tm! the cost of the stone comiee upon the branch mint GN-30tGd Bt castor the stone C}1¤1‘Y<>tte, in the State of North Carolina, under a. contract made by E0;;:; nffm *22 dw United States in Oetober, eighteen hundred and thirty-five, with Charlotte, N_ (g, R€¤b€n Perry and Thomas P, Ligon, and, if he Shan find that the Amcumfound ¤fof¢S&id stone ccruice was gubgtituted by proper authority, and WGS due to be paid btfiwficiai to the building, shall pay the said cost to the said Perry and ¥··PPE‘;gn °“d Ligim in full compensation for nid stone 0DYHi¢€· ii Avmzovun, January 8, 1849. (749)