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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977




Research and Development—Continued Environmental programs, appropriation for 1078 Environmental Research, Development, and Demonstration Authorization Act of 1978 1257 Federal Aviation Administration, appropriation for 404,405 Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 1974— Amendments 186,190 Appropriation for effecting provisions 798 Food stamp program, pilot projects testing efficiency increasing potential of program changes 977 Fossil energy, research facilities 183,184 Geothermal Energy Research, Development and Demonstration Act of 1974, appropriation for effecting provisions 798 Health Planning and Health Services Research and Statistics Extension Act of 1977 383 Housing and Urban problems, appropriation for 1076 Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation, appropriation for 66 Land-grant colleges, agricultural research programs, funding for 1009 Marine dumping, program monitoring the effects of, extension 1255 Marine mammal research grants, appropriation for 1167 Maritime programs— Appropriation authorization 1359 Appropriation for 432 Medical and prosthetic research, appropriation for 1084 Medical examinations and tests provided to certain miners 1294 Metallurgy research center, appropriation for 71 Mine safety and health 1320, 1321 Mining and Mineral Research, Advisory Committee on, appointment 455 NASAppropriation authorization 312 Appropriation for 109,122, 1080 National Agricultural Research, Extension, and Teaching Policy Act of 1977 981 National Agricultural Research and Extension Users Advisory Board, establishment 988 National Agricultural Research Award, establishment 977 National Research Service Awards, appropriation authorization 387

National Science Foundation Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 1978 831 National security programs, appropriation authorization 1375-1377 Nuclear reactor safety research, study by Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards 1483 Ozone and stratosphere— Coordinating committee for Federal research and monitoring, establishment 727 National Aeronautics and Space Administration, appropriation authorization for studies and reports 790 Public water systems, appropriation authorization 1393 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research Appropriation Act, 1977— Repeal of certain provisions 11 Rescission of funds for certain provisions 800,802 Public Works for Water and Power Development and Energy Research Appropriation Act, 1978 797 Rural housing 1142 Saline water conversion projects, appropriation authorization 400 Solar energy projects 1012 State commercial fisheries, appropriation authorization 249 Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 445 Transportation, Department of, appropriation for 402-406,409 Tuskegee Institute, agricultural research programs, funding for 1009 Wastewater treatment, grants to municipalities 1568 Water Research and Technology, Office of, appropriation for 105, 287 Water resources programs, appropriation authorization 400 Water Resources Research Act of 1964— Amendments 400 Appropriation for effecting provisions 287 Wheat and Wheat Foods Research and Nutrition Education Act 1031 Research Service, Congressional, appropriation for 98, 674 Research Service, Cooperative State, appropriation for 62, 100, 813 Research Service, Economic, appropriation for 62, 100, 815 Research Service Awards, National, appropriation authorization 387 Reserve Reform Act of 1977, Federal 1387 Resource Center for Science and Engineering, establishment 833