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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1977


A85 Page

Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 347 Retirement and Disability Fund, Foreign Service, appropriation for.... 66, 1231 Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, Employee, amendments 1501 Revenue Adjustment Act of 1975, amendment 139 Revenue Sharing, Office of, appropriation for 69, 1083 Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands, amendments 1162, 1163 Rhodesia, Southern, chrome, reimposition of importation embargo 22 Rice: Food and Agriculture Act of 1977 913 Crop disaster payments for 1977, limitations, exemption 1264 Riddick, Floyd M., reservation of copyrights for Senate Procedure 115 Rifle Practice, National Board for the Promotion of, appropriation for...103, 891 Rivers and Harbors: Alabama-Coosa River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 Arkansas River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 Brazos River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 843, 1392 Colorado River Basin project, appropriation for 802 Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 803 Colorado River Storage Project Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 802 Comprehensive river basin program, appropriation authorization 209 Delaware River Basin Commission, appropriation for 112, 807 Flood control. See separate title. International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, appropriation for 421,422 Mississippi River, appropriation for flood control 800 Mississippi River and tributaries basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 Missouri River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 North Branch, Susquehanna River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 Ohio River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 1392 Potomac River Basin, Interstate Commission on the, appropriation for 807

Sabine river compact amendment, congressional consent 281 San Joaquin River Basin plan, appropriation authorization 843, 1392 South Platte River Basin, appropriation authorization 1392 Rodenticide Act, Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and, health and ecological effects program, appropriation authorization 1257 Romania, Socialist Republic of: Earthquake disaster victims, assistance to 48, 1667 Governing international fishery agreement with, congressional approval 15 Relief and rehabilitation, appropriation for 1241 Rongelap Atoll, Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands: Municipal councils, appropriation authorization 1160 Radiation victims, compensation for, appropriation authorization 1159 Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission, appropriation for 289 Roosevelt Memorial Commission, Franklin Delano, appropriation for 306 Roosevelt National Forest, Colo., Federal acquisition of privately owned lands within 211 Roosevelt National Historic Site, Eleanor, N.Y,, establishment 171 Rough Rock Community High School, Ariz., appropriation for 293 Runaway Youth Act, amendments...1058, 1060 Rural Areas: Housing assistance programs 1138-1142 Housing program, extension 340 Reclamation of rural lands, assistance agreements 460 Rural health clinics— Certification and approval 1489 Medicaid and medicare coverage for services 1485, 1488 Solar energy demonstration farms and projects, Federal grants for... 10131015 Waste treatment management programs 1575, 1579 Rural Development Act, Consolidated Farm and: Amendments 561, 1011, 1012, 1021, 1022 Appropriation for 819, 820 Rural Development Act of 1972: Amendments 1005, 1006, 1021 Appropriation for effecting provisions 814, 820