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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1985


Howard Air Force Base, Panama, $2,172,000. UNITED STATES AIR FORCES IN EUROPE

Florennes Air Base, Belgium, $5,860,000. Ahlhorn Air Base, Germany, $350,000. Bitburg Air Base, Germany, $9,050,000. Einsiedlerhof, Germany, $2,900,000. Hahn Air Base, Germany, $8,160,000. Hessisch Oldendorf Air Station, Germany, $1,230,000. Kapaun Air Station, Germany, $900,000. Leipheim Air Base, Germany, $350,000. Marienfelde Communications Station, Germany, $2,550,000. Norvenich Air Base, Germany, $350,000. Pruem Air Station, Germany, $1,250,000. Ramstein Air Base, Germany, $14,670,000. Sembach Air Base, Germany, $6,460,000. Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, $14,860,000. Various Locations, Germany, $940,000. Vogelweh Air Station, Germany, $1,250,000. Wenigerath Storage Site, Germany, $1,700,000. Zweibrucken Air Base, Germany, $4,550,000. Aviano Air Base, Italy, $5,070,000. Comiso Air Station, Italy, $6,280,000. Decimomannu Air Base, Italy, $2,800,000. San Vito Air Station, Italy, $1,590,000. Morocco, $3,100,000. Camp New Amsterdam, The Netherlands, $2,710,000. Keizerveer Air Base, The Netherlands, $270,000. Woensdrecht Air Base, The Netherlands, $15,980,000. Vught, The Netherlands, $310,000. Torrejon Air Base, Spain, $2,900,000. Ankara Air Station, Turkey, $950,000. Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, $11,570,000. Karatas, Turkey, $2,330,000. RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom, $20,910,000. RAF Bentwaters, United Kingdom, $12,050,000. RAF Chicksands, United Kingdom, $1,630,000. RAF Fairford, United Kingdom, $7,400,000. RAF Greenham Common, United Kingdom, $2,200,000. RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom, $10,320,000. RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, $4,080,000. RAF Molesworth, United Kingdom, $21,063,000. RAF Sculthorpe, United Kingdom, $2,350,000. RAF Upper Heyford, United Kingdom, $4,640,000. Various Locations, United Kingdom, $3,600,000. Base 25, Classified Location, $4,500,000. Base 29, Classified Location, $3,500,000. Base 30, Classified Location, $4,830,000. Base 33, Classified Location, $9,450,000. Various Locations, Europe, $4,450,000. SEC. 302. FAMILY HOUSING

The Secretary of the Air Force may construct or acquire family housing units (including land acquisition) at the following installa-

99 STAT. 975