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A HISTORY OF SURREY of species known to occur and also to the localities in which the more interesting forms have been taken. Of the twenty-six l species recorded in the following list, five are introduced, and established more or less permanently under artificial conditions, leaving the poor total of twenty-one indigenous forms. Species which should be most carefully sought for are Apterygida albi- pennis, Meg., recorded from Ashford and Norwich ; Ectobia panzeri, Steph., which occurs more or less frequently in the southern counties ; Locusta viridissima; L., in thickets, etc. ; Stenobotbrus e/egans, Charp., on sandy heaths ; Mecostetbus grossus, L., and Xiphidium dor sale, Latr., in marshy places ; Platycleis grisea on chalk hills, especially among Rest Harrow (Ononis aruensis) ; PI. roeselii, Hagenb., in grassy fields ; Decticus verrucivorus, L., the Wartbiter, on barren and arid spots, clearings in woods, etc. The Field Cricket (Gryllus campestris, L.) and the Mole Cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa, L.) may also be found in warm sandy commons, and the latter too in moist spots, where the soft ground permits it to make its well known burrows. FORFICULARIA Earwigs Labia minor, L. The Lesser Earwig is by no means rare on warm evenings in the early summer, and has been found at Dormans, at Leatherhead by C. A. Briggs, and at Kew Gardens and Kingston-on- Thames by W. J. Lucas. The Common Earwig (Forficula auricularia, L.) is abundant everywhere. Forficula lesnei, Finot, is common at Box Hill and Reigate, and also close to Leatherhead, and should be found in other localities ; it is best taken by sweeping flowery thickets and hedges. Cbelisoches morio, Fabr., an exotic species, has been taken at Kew Gardens. BLATTODEA Cockroaches Ectobiidee. Ectobia lapponica has been taken at Horsley, Albury, Byfleet, Gomshall and Oakham Common. Ectobia livida, Fabr. This cockroach has been taken at Box Hill (C. A. Briggs) and Mickleham (W. J. Ashdown). Phyllodromiida. Phyllodromia germanica , L., the German Cockroach, is an imported species, which is now abundant in many hotels, restaurants and warehouses. Blattidee. The common Cockroach or Black Beetle (Blatta orient- alls^ L.) is of course generally distributed. Periplaneta australasice, Fabr. This is a cosmopolitan species which is now so thoroughly established at Kew Gardens as to be a pest. It has also been taken in an orchid-house at Camberwell. 1 There are thirty-six species recorded for Hampshire. H. G. 74