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INSECTS Panchloridee. Leucopheea surinamensis, L. This is a cosmopolitan species which has been taken at Kew Gardens. It is a tropical insect. ACRIDIODEA Grasshoppers Truxalidce. Stenobothrus /ineatus, Panz., is a somewhat local form. It has been taken at Leatherhead and Box Hill. Stenobothrus viridulus, L., occurs everywhere on grassy places. Stenobothrus rufipes, Zett., has been taken at Box Hill, but it is by no means rare, and should be taken on grassy hills, especially by woodsides. Stenobothrus bicolor, Charp., and Stenobothrus parallelus, Zett., are our two commonest grasshoppers, and are numerous on almost every patch of grass in the later part of the summer. Gomphocerus rufus, L., 1 is restricted in distribution : it is common at Reigate, Battersea Fields, Box Hill, Leatherhead, and on Bookham and Oxshott commons. Gomphocerus maculatus, Thunb. This little species is numerous on all commons and sandy heaths ; it has been taken on Blindley Heath near Godstone, Oxshott Heath, and certainly occurs in many other localities. Tettigida. Tettix bipunctatus^ L., our smallest grasshopper, is abundant everywhere in dry places throughout the year, and may even be taken in winter among dried leaves on mild days. Tettix subu- /afus, L., is less common than the above. It has occurred at Dormans. The members of this family are known in America as ' grouse locusts.' LOCUSTODEA Grasshoppers Phaneropteridee. Leptophyes punctatissima, Bosc. Widely distributed and fairly common. It has been taken at Wimbledon, Surbiton, Dor- mans, Box Hill, Guildford and Bisley. Meconemidee. Meconema varium, Fabr. This delicate little ' grass- hopper ' lives on trees, especially oaks, limes and elms. It is common, and often taken at ' sugar.' Box Hill, Richmond Park, Dormans, Leather- head, Horsley, Kingston-on-Thames and Bisley are localities for it. Conocephalidce. Xiphidium dorsa/e, Latr., has been recorded by the early authors from ' near London.' It is a rare and local form, occurring only among reeds in marshy places. Locustidez. Locusta viridissima, L., the Great Green Grasshopper, has not been actually recorded from within the county, but it is almost certain to occur. It has been taken at various localities near the borders. Decticidce. Thamnotrizon cinereus, L., is common in late summer in dry thickets and hedges almost everywhere. Its short sharp chirp,

  • tss, tssy tss,' is familiar to many collectors ; it is most frequently to be

1 A specimen was recorded by Samouelle in the beginning of the nineteenth century from the Battersea Fields. 75