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A HISTORY OF SURREY Chobham, Waking SPHEGID.S (continued) Astata stigma, Panz. (Saunders) Tachytes, Panz. pectinipes, L. Sandy commons, gener- ally distributed unicolor, Panz. Chobham (Saunders), Ripley (Morice), Weybridge (Smith) Miscophus, Jur. concolor, Dhlb. Waking, Chobham (Saunders), Weybridge (Smith), Ox- shott, Ottershaw (Morice) Trypoxylon, Latr. figulus, L. Generally clavicerum, Lep. / distributed attenuatum, Sm. Ckobbam, Waking, Reigate (Saunders) Ammophila, Kirb. sabulosa, L. Godalming (Latter), Chob- ham, Waking, Weybridge (Saunders), Wisley (Morice) campestris, Latr. Godalming (Latter), Chobham, Waking, Weybridge (Saun- ders), Wisley (Morice) hirsuta, Scop. Chobham (Saunders), Godalming (Latter) lutaria, Fab. Chobham (Saunders) Spilomena, Shuck. troglodytes, V. de Lind. Wimbledon, Waking, Charlwood (Saunders), Byflett (Morice) Stigmus, Jur. solskyi, Mor. Chobham (Saunders), Putney (Swale), Wimbledon, Eyfleet (Morice) Pemphredon, Latr. lugubris, Fab. shuckardi, Mor. lethifer, Shuck. morio, V. de Lind. Ripley (Morice) Diodontus, Curt. minutus, Fab. Common and generally distributed luperus, Shuck. Waking (Saunders), Chobham (Morice) tristis, V. de Lind. Generally distri- buted Passaloecus, Shuck. corniger, Shuck. Holmwood (Mortimer) insignis, V. de Lind. Waking, Chobham (Saunders) gracilis, Curt. Waking, Chobham, Charl- wood (Saunders) monilicornis, Dbm. Chobham, Dorking (Saunders) Mimesa, Shuck. Shuckardi, Wesm. Waking, Chobham (Saunders), Oxshott (Morice) bicolor, Jur. Waking, Chobham (Saun- ders) Common and gener- ally distributed SPHEGHX* (continued) Mimesa equestris, Fab. Waking (Saunders), Chobham (Morice) unicolor, V. de Lind. Waking, Chob- ham (Saunders), Ripley (Morice), Holmwood (Mortimer) dahlbomi, Wesm. Waking (Morice), Holmwood (Mortimer) Psen, Latr. pallipes, Panz. Generally distributed concolor, Dhlb. Eyfleet (Morice) Gorytes, Latr. tumidus, Panz. Holmwood (Mortimer), Chobham, Waking (Saunders) mystaceus, L. Chobham (Saunders), Godalming (Latter) campestris, L. Wandsworth, Battersea (Smith) quadrifasciatus, Fab. Battersea fields (Shuckard), Waking, Ripley (Morice) bicinctus, Rossi. Waking (Morice) Nysson, Latr. spinosus, Fab. Holmwood (Mortimer), Coombe Wood (Shuckard), Chobham (Morice) trimaculatus, Rossi. Battersea, Wey- bridge (Smith), Ripley (Morice) dimidiatus, Jur. Waking, Chobham, Clandon (Saunders), Weybridge (Smith) Mellinus, Fab. arvensis, L. Waking (Saunders), God- aiming (Latter) Philanthus, Fab. triangulum, Fab. Byfleet (Smith) Cerceris, Fab. arenaria, L. Waking, Chobham (Saun- ders), Wisley (Morice), Godalming (Latter) interrupta, Panz. Chobham (Saunders) labiata, Fab. Waking, Chobham (Saun- ders), Weybridge (Smith), Wisley (Morice), Godalming (Latter) ornata, Fab. Waking, Chobham, Dork- ing (Saunders), Battersea fields (Shuck- ard), Putney, Wandsworth (Smith), Godalming (Latter) Oxybelus, Latr. uniglumis, L. Generally distributed mandibularis, Dhlb. Waking (Saunders), Chobham (Morice), Frensham (Thorn- ley) Crabro, Fab. tibialis, Fab. Ripley (Morice) Wands- worth (Smith) clavipes, L. Waking (Morice) capitosus, Shuck. Reigate, Chobham (Saunders), Battersea fields (Shuck- ard), Waking (Morice) leucostomus, L. Generally distributed 86