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INSECTS SPHEUIDJE (continued) Crabro pubescens, Shuck. Waking, Charl- wood (Saunders), Box Hill (Beau- mont), Ripley (Morice) cetratus, Shuck. Weybridge (Smith), Shiere (Capron) podagricus, V. de Lind. flaking, C hob- ham (Saunders), Cobham (Morice) aphidum, Lep. Ripley (Morice) gonager, Lep. Ripley (Morice), Putney (Swale), Streatham (Mortimer) palmarius, Schreb. Waking (Saun- ders), Wimbledon (Smith), Clandon (Morice) palmipes, L. Generally distributed varius, Lep. j CMham (Saunders) anxius, Wesm. J wesmaeli, V. de Lind. Waking, Chob- ham (Saunders) elongatulus, V. de Lind. Generally distributed dimidiatus, Fab. Ripley (Stephens) signatus, Panz. Chatham (Saunders) vagabundus, Panz. Chobham (Saun- ders), Ripley (Morice) - 4-maculatus, Fab. | Generall cnbranus, L. V ,. '. ., ^ . , . V. . i distributed peltanus, Schreb. J scutellatus, Schev. Chobham, Waking (Saunders), Ripley (Morice) vagus, L. Chobham, Waking (Saunders), Ripley, Cobham (Morice) cephalotes, Panz. Generally distri- buted chrysostomus, Lep. Charlwood (Saun- ders), Ripley (Morice) interruptus, De Geer. Ripley (Step- hens), Cobham (Morice) clypeatus, L. Weybridge (Smith) albilabris, Fab. Generally distributed panzeri, V. de Lind. Weybridge (Smith), Waking, Clandon (Morice), Tooting (Mortimer) Entomogathus, Dhlb. brevis, V. de Lind. Generally distri- buted DIPLOPTERA VESPID/E Vespa, L. crabro, L. Holmwood (Mortimer), Charlwood (W. W. Saunders), Wa- king (Morice) vulgaris, L. germanica, Fab. rufa, L. sylvestris, Scop. , norvegica, Fab. Shirley (Rothney), Godalming (Latter) Generally distributed 87 EUMENIDJE Odynerus, Latr. spinipes, L. Godalming (Latter), Chob- ham, Waking (Saunders) melanocephalus, Gmel. Holmwood (Mortimer) laevipes, Shuck. Waking (Morice) reniformis, Gmel. Chobham (Saunders), Virginia Water (Billups) callosus, Thorns. Generally parietum, L. J distributed pictus, Curt. Godalming (Latter), Holmwood (Mortimer), Wandsworth (Saunders), Weybridge (Smith) trifasciatus, Oliv. Chobham (Saunders), Cobham, Eyfleet (Morice) parietinus, L. Charlwood, Chobham (Saunders), Godalming (Latter) gracilis, Brull6. Godalming (Latter), Chobham (Saunders), Waking, Cobham, Wisley (Morice) sinuatus, Fab. Ripley (Morice), Holm- wood (Mortimer), Godalming (Latter) Eumenes, Latr. coarctata, L. Waking, Chobham (Saun- ders), Weybridge (Smith), Godalming (Latter) ANTHOPHILA COLLETID.ffi Colletes, Latr. succincta, L. Generally distributed fodiens, Kirb. Ripley (Morice), God- aiming (Latter) marginata, Sm. Weybridge (Marshall) daviesana, Sm. Generally distributed Prosopis, Latr. cornuta, Sm. Godalming (Latter), Rei- gate (Saunders), Waking (Morice), Shiere (Capron) dilatata, Kirb. Waking (Morice) communis, Nyl. Generally distributed signata, Panz. Reigate, Chobham (Saun- ders), Waking (Morice) hyalinata, Sm. Generally distributed confusa, Nyl. Charlwood, Chobham, Waking (Saunders), Ottershaw, Rip- ley (Morice) brevicornis, Nyl. Charlwood, Waking (Saunders), Wisley (Morice) pictipes, Nyl. Reigate, Chobham (Saun- ders), Ripley (Morice) ANDRENID.S Sphecodes, Latr. gibbus, L. Generally distributed reticulatus, Thorns. Chobham, Waking (Saunders), Ripley (Morice) - subquadratus, Sm. General , pilifrons Thorns. , distributed simihs, Wesm. I