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INSECTS on heaths. The Lilac Beauty (Pericallia syringana, L.) occurs rather sparingly, and is not generally distributed. I have taken it in the Prince's Covers, Claygate, Mr. Kaye reports it from Worcester Park, Mr. Webb says it is uncommon at Redstone, Reigate and Dorking, and Mr. Briggs records it from Leatherhead. The Early Thorn (Selenia illu- naria^ Hb.) is generally common and sometimes abundant in many places. S. /unaria, SchifF., is much more local but has occurred at Red- hill, Worcester Park and Leatherhead. S. illustraria, Hb., has been recorded from the county but is not common. Mr. Kaye reports it from Oxshott. Odontopera bidentata, Clerck., and Crocallis elinguaria, L., are common everywhere. The Canary-shouldered Thorn (Ennomos ti/iaria, Bork.) is common throughout the county, and comes freely to gas lamps at Reigate, Redhill, Surbiton and elsewhere. E. fuscan- taria, Haw., is not so generally distributed as the last species, but is sometimes common at 'light' at Surbiton, Reigate, Redhill and Worcester Park. E. erosaria, Bork., is not uncommon in the county, and has been reported from Epsom, Redhill, Redstone, Reigate, Worcester Park and Haslemere. E. angu/aria, Bork., the commonest species of the genus, is generally distributed, and is usually common at 'light' at Surbiton, Wor- cester Park, Croydon, Sutton, Abinger, Guildford, Reigate, Redhill and the south London suburbs. The Feathered Thorn (Himera pennaria, L.) is a common species at ' light' at Surbiton, Worcester Park, Redhill, Rei- gate and Dorking, and is no doubt generally distributed in the county. Phigalia pi/osaria, Hb., is very common throughout the county, especially at gas lamps. Nyssia bispidaria, Fb., is generally considered a very local species, but has been recorded from Dorking, Ewell, Gatton, Betchworth, Norbury and Bletchingley. Richmond Park is its favourite locality in the metropolitan district. Biston hirtaria, Clerck., is a common species in the metropolitan district, and occurs in plenty at Surbiton, Dulwich, Wimbledon and other suburban places. In the country it appears to be less common. It is not included in Mr. Barrett's list of Haslemere insects, and Mr. Webb says he has only twice met with it at Redstone and Red- hill. Ampbidasis prodromaria, SchifF., is common at ' light' in most places, and is recorded from Worcester Park, Redhill and many other localities. I have often found it at rest on fences and palings at Surbiton. The Pepper Moth (A. betularia^ L.) occurs sparingly at Haslemere, Redhill, Surbiton and in most of the London suburbs. Hemerophila abruptaria^ Thunb., is generally common throughout the county sitting on palings and coming freely to ' light.' Cleora lichenaria, Hufn., is recorded by Mr. Webb from Gomshall, Box Hill and Redhill, by Mr. Kaye from Ash- tead, and by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. Boarmia repandata, L., and B. rbomboidaria, Hb., are common everywhere, both in the country and in the metropolitan district. B. abietaria, Hb., is very local, but has been re- corded by Mr. Webb from Leith Hill, Redhill and Godstone, and by Mr. Kaye from Box Hill. I know it to be common on fir trees in several places between Box Hill and Headley, and between Headley Lane and Betch- worth. The Great Oak Beauty (B. roboraria, SchifF.) seems very rare in 121