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A HISTORY OF SURREY the county, but has been recorded from Redstone by Mr. Webb, from Losely Park near Godalming by Mr. Bishop, and from Haslemere by Mr. Barrett. B. consortaria, Fb., occurs rarely at Redhill and God- stone, and is also reported from Haslemere. 'fepbrosia consonaria, Hb., T. crepuscularia, Hb., T. biundularia, Bork., T. extersaria, Hb., and T. punctulata, Hb., are all included by Mr. Barrett in his Haslemere list and most of them are pretty generally distributed except in the metro- politan district. T". punctulata is common amongst the fir trees and birches about Esher and Oxshott. Gnophos obscurata, Hb., is common at Haslemere, Oxshott, Esher and elsewhere on the heaths and the pale form (calceatd) occurs on the chalk. Pseudoterpna cytisaria, Schiff., is generally common on heaths. The Large Emerald (Geometra papilio- naria, L.) is local and not plentiful, but Mr. Webb records it from Dorking, Reigate and Redstone. Mr. Kaye and Mr. Hewat have taken it at Oxshott and Mr. Barrett includes it in his list of Haslemere insects. lodis vernaria, Hb., is generally distributed in the chalk districts, and Mr. Kaye reports it from Worcester Park, where it may have been introduced with clematis. /. lactearia, L., is common every- where, even in the metropolitan district. The Blotched Emerald (Pborodesma bajularia, Schiff.) is a local species, but plentiful in some oak woods. I have found it in abundance in the Prince's Covers near Claygate, and it is reported by Mr. Webb from Guildford, by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park, and by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere and also from the south London suburbs. Hemithea thymiaria, Linn., is generally distributed throughout the county and occurs about Esher, Oxshott, Claygate and elsewhere. Epbyra porata, Fb., and E. punctaria, L., are generally distributed and occur about Haslemere, Reigate, Redhill, Dorking, Esher, Oxshott, Horsley and elsewhere. E. tri/inearia, Bork., occurs in beech woods and is very common between West Horsley and Shiere. E. omicronaria, Hb., occurs generally amongst maple and is recorded from Haslemere and Horsley. E. orbicularia, Hb., is rarer than its congeners, but is recorded from Redstone by Mr. Webb and by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. E. pendularia, Clerck., is not uncommon amongst birch trees, Mr. Hewat and I have frequently taken it at Esher, Oxshott and Claygate. Mr. T. H. Briggs has found it at Crohamhurst and Byfleet. Mr. Barrett reports it from Haslemere and Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park. Asthena luteata, Schiff., is apparently not very common, but Mr. Briggs says it has occurred on Wimbledon Common and at Leatherhead, and Mr. Bishop reports it from Horsley. Mr. Webb has taken it occasionally at Redhill, Gomshall and Tilburstow. Mr. Kaye gives Worcester Park as a locality, and Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere. A. candidata, Schiff, is generally distributed and often abundant in suitable localities. It is very common about Oxshott and Claygate. A. sy/vafa, Hb., occurs sparingly. It is mentioned in Mr. Barrett's list of Haslemere insects, Mr. Kaye includes it in his list of Surrey species, and Mr. Webb records the capture of one specimen at Redstone Wood. Euplsteria beparata, Haw., is common 122