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INSECTS in most suitable localities amongst alder. I have found it plentifully near Esher and Oxshott, Mr. Kaye reports it from Byfleet, Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, and Mr. Webb says it occurs at Redhill and Nutfield, Reigate, near Guildford and on marshy ground about Gom- shall. Acldalia scutulata, Bork., A. bisetata, Hum., A. dilutaria, Hb., A. incanaria, Hb., A. remufata, Hb., and A. aversafa, L., occur every- where and are generally common. A. subsericeata, Haw., is often common in woods, and the beautiful A. ornata, Scop., is common on the chalk hills about Dorking, Box Hill, Betchworth, Buckland and Reigate. Two specimens of that great rarity A. perochraria, Fisch., have been taken in Surrey, one by Mr. Webb at Leigh near Reigate, and one by the late Mr. Weston, either on Reigate Heath or in Red- stone Wood. One specimen of A. strigi/ata, Hb., is recorded by Mr. Webb as having been taken near the Engine Pond, Gatton. A. t'mitaria, Hb., is pretty generally distributed and is often common in gardens at Haslemere, Reigate, Bletchingley, Godstone, Worcester Park, Surbiton and elsewhere. Mr. Barrett records the local A. straminata, Tr., from Haslemere, and A. inornata, Haw., is not uncommon about Buckland, Reigate, Headley and Leith Hill. A. emarginata, L., is rather local but not uncommon near Haslemere, Redhill, Reigate, Leigh, Gomshall, Wimbledon, Kingston and elsewhere in the county. Timandra ama- taria, L., occurs nearly everywhere. Mr. Hewat and I have taken it near Surbiton and Kingston, and it is included by Major Ficklin and by Messrs. Barrett, Kaye, Briggs and Webb in their lists of Surrey species. Cabera pusaria, L., and C. exantbemaria, Scop., are generally distributed and common in most places. Cory da temerata, Hb., is common nearly everywhere. Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere, Mr. Kaye from Ashtead, Mr. Hewat from Oxshott, Mr. Briggs from Ranmore, and Mr. Webb says that it is generally distributed. C. taminata, Hb., is much more local than the last species, but I have taken it commonly at West Horsley, Mr. Kaye records it from Ashtead, Mr. Briggs from Leatherhead, and Mr. Barrett gives Haslemere as a locality. Aleucis pictaria, Curt., is very local in the county, but has been recorded from Ashtead, Reigate and Redstone. Macaria alternata^ Hb., is local. Mr. Webb says it occurs sparingly at Gomshall and Reigate, but Major Ficklin records it as formerly plentiful at Coombe Wood, near Kingston. M. notata, L., occurs sparingly in many places, and M. liturata is not uncommon in fir woods at Gomshall, Redstone, Esher and Oxshott. Halia ivavaria, Fb., is generally distributed and usually common in gardens and on fences and palings. Strenia clathrata, L., is not un- common in clover fields and sometimes on heaths. Panagra petraria, Hb., is common everywhere on heaths. Numeria pu/veraria, L., is not uncommon near Haslemere, Gomshall, Leith Hill, Reigate and Addis- combe. Scodiona belgiaria, Hb., is a local species, but Mr. Hewat takes it at Oxshott and Mr. Webb records it from Addington. Selidosema p/umaria, Hb., occurs commonly at Oxshott, Mr. Briggs records it from Wisley, and Mr. Webb says it was formerly common on 123