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INSECTS Croydon, at Wray Common near Reigate and at Redstone, and Mr. Barrett records it from Dulwich. The ' Pugs ' (Eupithecice) are well represented by over thirty species, including Eupitbecia venosafa, Fb. ; E. 1 consignata, Bork. ; E. pulchellata^ St. ; E, centaureata, Fb. ; E. *suc- centuriata, L. ; E. subfu/vata, Haw. ; E. subumbrata, Gn. ; E. isogram- mata, H.S. ; E. satyrata, Hb. ; E. casfigafa, Hb. ; E. frisignata, H.S. ; E. lariciata, Frr. ; E. 3 pusillata, Fb. ; E. pimpinellata, Hb. ; E.fraxinata, Crewe ; E. nanafa, Hb. ; E. subnotata, Hb. ; E. campanulata^ H.S. ; E. vu/gafa, Haw. ; E. expallidata, Gn. ; E. absynthiata^ Clerck ; E. minufata, Gn. ; E. assimilata, Gn. ; E. subciliata, Gn. ; E. dodoneata, Gn. ; E. abbreviata, St. ; E. exiguafa, Hb. ; E. sobrinata, Hb. ; E, pumilata, Hb. ; E. coronata, Hb., and E. recfangu/ata, L. 4 Lobophora sexah'safa, Hb., occurs in the Prince's Covers, Claygate, where I have found it not uncommonly, and it is also recorded by Mr. Barrett as being common at Haslemere. L. hexapterata, Schiff., has been taken in alder swamps near Redhill. L. virefafa, Hb., occurs near Haslemere, and L. lobulata, Hb., has been found near Redhill and Dorking and about Esher and Oxshott. Tbera juniperata, L., occurs at Redhill and Dorking and commonly at Box Hill, on the Caterham Downs, and at Purley and Oxshott. T. variata, Schiff., is common at Haslemere, Redhill, Reigate, Merstham, Gomshall, Dorking, Guildford and Oxshott. T. jirmata^ Hb., is generally dis- tributed but less common than the last species. It occurs, amongst other places, at Haslemere and Oxshott. Hypsipetes ruberata^ Frr. ; H. impluviata, Hb., and H. e/ufafa, Hb., are recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, and the two latter occur at Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Gom- shall and Byfleet. Melanthia rubiginata, Fb., is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere and occurs in many other places. M. oce//ata, L., is common everywhere ; and M. albicillata, L., is not uncommon, and is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, by Mr. Kaye from Oxshott, and by Major Ficklin from the Kingston district. The beautiful Melanippe Aastata, L., is recorded by Mr. Webb from near Croydon and by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. M. procellata^ Fb., is common every- where in the chalk district amongst clematis. M. unangu/ata, Haw., occurs at Haslemere, Gomshall, Oxshott and many other places. M. rivata, Hb., occurs at Haslemere, and is generally distributed in the chalk district. M. subtristata. Haw., and M. montanata, Bork., are generally distributed in woods throughout the county. M. ga/iata, Hb., occurs in the county but is not generally common. M.jiuctuata, L., is a common garden species everywhere. Anticlea simafa, Hb., s is a very scarce species in Surrey, but Mr. Webb says that he has taken specimens 1 This local species is unknown to me in Surrey. I have received it from Herefordshire. H. G.

  • This rather rare species is not uncommon in the Prince's Covers near Claygate. H. G.

8 Tolerably common amongst fir trees in Sir Lucas Pepys' wood, and by the side of Headley Lane near Mickleham. H. G.

  • E. togata has been recorded from Surrey, but with the exception of one specimen taken by Mr.

Sydney Webb near Buckland Hill I know of no captures in the county. H. G. 6 In my experience this species is almost confined to south-east Cambridgeshire and the neighbour- hood of Barton Mills, Mildenhall, Tuddenham and other parts of west Suffolk. H. G. 125