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A HISTORY OF SURREY occasionally on the banks of the Mole about Box Hill, Flachford and elsewhere. A. rubidata, Fb., is recorded by Mr. Kaye from Chidding- fold and by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. A. badiata, Hb., is common everywhere, even in the metropolitan district. A. derivata, Bork., is not common, but Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere, and Mr. Webb thinks it is generally distributed, but much scarcer than its congener. Coremia propugnata, Fb. ; C.ferrugata, Clerck, and C. unidentaria, Haw., are generally distributed and abundant in many localities. C. quadrifas- ciarta, Clerck, is rare in the county, but Mr. Webb says it was formerly common about Gomshall and Guildford and Mr. Barrett reports it from Witley. Camptogramma bilineata, L., is of course generally abundant as it is in every other county, and C.JIuviata, Hb., is said by Mr. Webb to be common at ' light,' but I have never seen it in the county. Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere and also from the metropolitan district. Phibalapteryx tersata, Hb., is common everywhere on the chalk amongst clematis. P. lignata, Hb., is recorded by Mr. Kaye from Byfleet. Scotosia dubitata, L., is not uncommon at Haslemere and elsewhere. S. rhamnata, SchifF., and S. certata, Hb., are reported by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park and occur in many other parts of the county. S. certata, according to Mr. Barrett, is a common species in the south London suburbs. S. undulata, L., occurs at Haslemere and was formerly abundant at Leith Hill. Cidaria psitticata, SchifF. ; C. miata, L. ; C. picata, Hb. ; C. cory/ata, Thunb. ; C. russata, Bork. ; C. immanata. Haw. ; C. suffumafa, Hb. ; C. si/aceata, Hb. ; C. prunata, L. ; C. testata, L. ; C. fu/vata, Fort. ; C. pyraliata, Fb., and (7. dotata, L., are all recorded by Mr. Barrett from the Haslemere district, and many of them are generally distributed in the county. Pelurga comitata, L., is common at Surbiton, Wimbledon and elsewhere in the Thames basin. Eubolia cervinaria, SchifF. ; E. mensuraria, SchifF. ; and E. palumbaria, Fb., are generally distributed and often abundant. E. mensuraria and E. bipunctaria, SchifF., are more abundant on the chalk, and E. palumbaria is common on heaths. Anaitis p/agiata, L., occurs on the sand, clay and chalk, but is more abundant on the latter formation. Chesias spartiata, Fuess., is generally common amongst broom, but C. obliquaria, Bork., is very local. Mr. Barrett reports it from Haslemere, and Mr. Webb says it has occurred very sparingly at Dorking and Redstone. Tanagra chcerophyllata^ L., is not uncommon amongst bracken (Pteris aquilina) and is reported from Haslemere by Mr. Barrett and from Dorking by Mr. Webb. I have found it in many places in the county. DREPANULID^ Platypteryx /acerfu/a, SchifF., is generally distributed in the county amongst birch, and occurs commonly at Haslemere, Oxshott, Addington and Crohamhurst. P. falcula, SchifF., is also common amongst birch at Haslemere, Oxshott, Crohamhurst and elsewhere. P. bamula, Esp., is not uncommon in oak woods, and has been taken at Haslemere, Oxshott, Claygate and in the Reigate district, and Mr. Barrett has taken it at 126