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INSECTS Dulwich. P. unguicu/a, Hb., occurs in beech woods, and is common in, amongst other localities, the woods adjoining the Sheep Leas, West Horsley, and between there and Shiere. Cilix spinu/a, Schiff., has been taken on Wimbledon Common and at Oxshott, Claygate, Haslemere and in the Reigate district. It is generally distributed. PSEUDO-BOMBYCES Dicranura furc u/a, L., is recorded by Mr. Webb from Epsom, Red- stone, Reigate, Dorking and Godstone, by Mr. Bishop from Losely Park, and Mr. Kaye mentions Worcester Park as a locality. D. bifida, Hb., is usually commoner than the last species, but Mr. Webb says it is the rarer of the two about Redhill, Reigate and Dorking. Mr. Kaye records it from Worcester Park, Mr. Briggs has found it on Lombardy poplars on Mitcham Common and Wimbledon Common, and Mr. Barrett reports it from South London. D. vinu/a, L., is generally common on poplars and willows throughout the county, even in the metropolitan district. The Lobster (Stauropus fagi, L.) is reported by Mr. Webb as having occurred very sparingly at Reigate. I have never met with it in the county nor have I received any records of its capture from any other part of Surrey. Petasia cassinea, Hb., is stated by Mr. Webb to have been formerly common at gas lamps at Croydon, Guildford, Dorking, Reigate and Redhill ; Mr. Hewat records it from Oxshott, and it also occurs at ' light ' at Kingston, Surbiton and elsewhere in the metro- politan district. The Buff Tip (Pygcera bucephala, L.) is generally distributed and often abundant. In the larval state it sometimes does mischief to lime, elm and other trees. The Chocolate Tip (Clostera curtula, L.) seems to be very uncommon in the county. Mr. Kaye records it from Worcester Park and Mr. Webb says he once saw it in the Reigate district. The Small Chocolate Tip (C. rec/usa, Fb.) is also uncommon in the county, but Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere and Mr. Webb refers to its occurrence in swamps near Redhill Station. Ptilodontu palpina, L., occurs on palings at Surbiton and also comes to 'light.' It is recorded by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park, by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, by Mr. Briggs from Mitcham and by Mr. Webb from Croydon, Reigate and Redhill. The Coxcomb Prominent Notodonta camelina^ L.) 1 is generally distributed and is reported from Wimbledon and Crohamhurst by Mr. Briggs, by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park, by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, and I have taken it at Surbiton and Claygate. N. dicteea^ L., is said by Mr. Webb to be not rare at Reigate and Redhill, Mr. Kaye has taken it at Worcester Park, Mr. Briggs records it from Wimbledom Common, and I have taken it in Surbiton at ' light.' N. dicteeoides y Esp., is not common in the county, but Mr. Webb records it from Reigate, Redhill, Dorking and Croydon. N. dromedarius, L., is recorded by Mr. Webb from near Redhill, by 1 The rare N. carmelita, Esp., occurs commonly amongst the birch trees of Tilgate Forest, Sussex, but I have never found it in Surrey. Mr. Barrett reports it as having been taken at Haslemere ; and Mr. Kaye says it has been taken near Weybridge, but I know nothing of the locality or the date of capture. H. G. 127