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A HISTORY OF SURREY Mr. Briggs from Wisley and by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park. N. ziczac, L., has been taken at Godstone, Redhill, Reigate, Leatherhead and Horsley. N. trepida, Esp., seems very rare in the county, but has been taken at Haslemere and Redstone Hill, and also at Shiere. N. chaonia, Hb., is rare, but Mr. Webb reports it from Redstone Wood and a wood at Colley. N. dodonea, Hb., is also very rare in the county, but has been taken at Haslemere, Colley and Redstone. Diloba cceruleo- cephala, L., is generally distributed and sometimes common about Haslemere, Reigate* Brockham, Dorking, Gomshall, Woking, Bookham Common and Surbiton. NOCTU.& The Buff Arches (Thyatira derasa, L.) is not uncommon in woods at Haslemere and Reigate, and is also found sparingly at Surbiton and Kingston and elsewhere in the suburban district. The Peach Blossom (T. batis, L.) is common at ' sugar ' in many places, and is recorded from Haslemere, Reigate and Oxshott. Cymatophora duplaris, L. ; C.jluctuosa, Hb. ; C. diluta, Fb. ; C. or, Fb. ; C. Jtavicornis, L., and C. ridens, Fb., are all recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, and all of them except C. or also occur in the Reigate district. C. flavicornis also occurs amongst the birches and firs at Oxshott and Esher. Bryophila perla, Fb., is generally distributed in suitable places and has been taken at Hasle- mere, Reigate, Leatherhead, Worcester Park and Surbiton. Acronycta tridens, Schiff. ; A. psi, L. ; A, leporina, L. ; A. aceris, L. ; A. mega- cephala, Fb. ; A. a/ni, L. ; A. ligustri, Fb., and A. rumicis, L., are all recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere and by Mr. Webb from the Reigate district. A. aim has also been reported from Wimbledon and Richmond Park. A. psi, A. leporina, A. aceris and A, rumicis are also reported by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park and by Mr. Hewat from Surbiton. A. leporina is also recorded from Shirley. Leucania conigera, Fb. ; L. lithargyria, Esp. ; L. comma, L. ; L. impura, Hb., and L. pallens, L., are generally common throughout the county. The local Z/. turca, L., is included by Mr. Webb in his Reigate list. Major Ficklin has taken it in or near Richmond Park, Mr. Briggs records one specimen from Leatherhead and Mr. Kaye has taken it at Ashtead. Nonagria despecta, Tr. ; N. fuha, Hb., and N. typhce, Esp., occur in the county. N. despecta has been taken at Wimbledon by Dr. Buckell. N. gemini- puncta, Hatch, and A/, lutosa, Hb., probably occur in the county, but I have no records of their capture. Gortyna flavago, Esp., is generally distributed where Carduus palustris is abundant ; and Hydracia nictitans, Bork. ; H. micacea, Esp. ; Axylia putris, L. ; Xylopbasia rurea, Fb. ; X. lithoxylea, Fb. ; X. polyodon, L. ; X. hepatica, L., and X. scolopacina, Esp., are all recorded from Haslemere, Reigate or Shirley, and most of them are common everywhere. X. sublustris, Esp., has been taken at Shirley by Mr. Sheldon. Dipterygia pinastri, L., occurs in many places and is reported from Haslemere, Reigate, Leatherhead, Wimbledon, Worcester Park and Surbiton. Neuria saponariee, Bork., is reported from 128