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INSECTS Fb., is reported by Mr. Kaye from Worcester Park and by Mr. Webb from the Reigate district. Mr. Briggs says he took specimens of it on Wandsworth Common in the years 18602. T. retusa, L., is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Dulwich. Dicycla oo, L., is a very rare species, but Major Ficklin says it is found occasionally in the wooded hollows on Wimbledon Common, and that one specimen was taken by his son last year at ' sugar ' in Richmond Park. Cosmia trapezina, L., is every- where too common. C. pyralina. View, is a rare species, but Mr. Kaye has taken it singly at Worcester Park and Kingston Hill, and Major Ficklin says it occurs occasionally in the Oxshott woods. C. diffinis, L., and C. affinis, L., are generally distributed amongst elm timber and are common at Worcester Park, Surbiton, Kingston and elsewhere in the metropolitan district. Eremobia ocbroleuca, Esp., has been taken near Croydon and is reported by Mr. Briggs as having occurred near Leatherhead. I have not seen it in Surrey, but it probably occurs about Mickleham, Box Hill and elsewhere on the chalk from Guildford to Reigate and thence eastwards to the borders of Kent. Diantbecia carpophaga, Bork. ; D. capsincola, Hb. ; D. cucubali, Fuess., and D. con- spersa, Esp., are recorded from Haslemere and the Reigate district, and also from Croydon, Leatherhead, Box Hill, Epsom and Tooting. Hecatera serena, Fb., occurs sparingly in several localities such as Haslemere, Reigate, Leatherhead, Croydon and Crohamhurst. P.Jia'uo- cincfa, Fb., is generally distributed. It has been recorded from Reigate and Redhill, and is common at ' sugar ' about Leatherhead, Surbiton, Kingston and elsewhere in the metropolitan district. Epunda nigra, Haw., and E. vimina/is, Fb., are both recorded from Reigate and Haslemere, and the latter species is also found at Leatherhead, Surbiton and Kingston. Miselia oxycanthce, L., is generally common everywhere. I have taken it at ' sugar ' at Claygate, Oxshott, Long Ditton and Surbiton. Agriopis aprilina, L., is also generally distributed. Phlogophora meticulosa^ L., and Euplexia lucipara, L., occur everywhere and are usually abundant. Aplecta herbida, Hb. ; A. nebulosa^ Hufn. ; A. tincfa, Brahm ; A. ad-vena, Fb., are all recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere and by Mr. Webb from the Reigate district. 1 A. nebulosa is common every- where but the other species are not generally distributed. A. tincta has also been reported from Croydon and Wimbledon. Hadena adusta, Esp. ; H. protea, Bork. ; H. g/auca, Hb. ; H. dentina, Esp. ; H. cheno- podii, Fb. ; H. suasa, Bork. ; H. o/eracea, L. ; H. pisi, L. ; H. tbalas- sina, Rott. ; H. contigua, Vill., and H. genista, Bork., are all recorded by Mr. Webb from the Reigate district, and all of them except H. glauca, H. chenopodii, and H. suasa are included by Mr. Barrett in his list of Haslemere species, and such species as protea, chenopodii, oleracea, pisi and tbalassina are generally distributed. Xylocampa lithoriza, Bork., is generally distributed in suitable localities and is in my experience 1 A. occulta, L., has been reported from Wimbledon, and as it has been taken in Sussex, Berks, Essex and Middlesex, its occurrence in Surrey is not impossible, but it is chiefly a northern species. H. G.