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A HISTORY OF SURREY not uncommon on the trunks of fir trees at Oxshott and Esher. The Sword Grasses (Calocampa vetusta, Hb., and C. exo/efa, L.) are both mentioned by Mr. Webb as occurring near Reigate, Mr. Barrett records vetusta from Haslemere, they are both included in Mr. Kaye's and Major Ficklin's lists for Surrey and both have occurred at Wimbledon. Xylina rhizolitha, Fb. ; X. semibrunnea, Haw., and X. petrificata, Fb., are included by Mr. Webb in his list of Reigate species. X. semibrunnea, according to Major Ficklin, is not uncommon at ivy bloom near Molesey and Kingston ; and rhizolitha and petrificata are reported from Haslemere. X. rhizolitha also occurs at Worcester Park, Surbiton and nearly everywhere in the county. Cucullla verbasci, L. ; C. lycbnitis, Rbr. ; C. asteris, Schiff. ; C. cbamomillce, Schiff., and C. umbratica, L., are reported by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, and with the exception of C. asteris (which is reported from Croydon) they have all been taken about Box Hill and in the Reigate district. C. verbasci, C. cbamomillce and C. umbratica are frequently taken at Worcester Park, Surbiton, Kingston, Leatherhead, Wimbledon, Croydon and elsewhere in the metropolitan district. Heliothis marginata, Fb. ; H. peltigera, Schiff., and H. dipsacea, L., are recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere ; the first species is included by Mr. Webb in his Reigate list and he also mentions H. armigera, Hb. H. dipsacea probably occurs on the heaths and in clover fields in many other parts of the county but I have not met with it in Surrey. The Beautiful Yellow Underwing (Anarta myrtilli, L.) is frequent everywhere on heaths throughout the county, and Heliodes arbuti, Fb., is often plentiful in meadows. I have seen it in abundance at Horsley, Surbiton and Kingston. The lovely Acontia luctuosa, Esp., has been taken near Croydon and Horsley. Erastria fuscula, Bork., occurs in many woods throughout the county and was abundant in 1900 on the trunks of the fir trees near Esher and Oxshott. Brepbos partbenias, L., is generally distributed in birch woods. Mr. Barrett records it from Haslemere, Mr. Webb from the Reigate district, and I have found it commonly amongst the birch trees on Abrook Common between Esher and Oxshott, and have also seen it years ago on Tolworth Common, Surbiton. Abrostola urticce, Hb., and A. triplasia, L., are not uncommon throughout the county. Plusia cbrysitis, L. ; P.festucee, L. ; P. iota, L. ; P. v-aureum, Gn., and P. gamma, L., are recorded from Haslemere by Mr. Barrett, and with the exception of v-aureum they are also recorded from the Reigate district. Mr. Webb also mentions P. interrogations, L., as occurring near Reigate, but in my experience this species is J almost confined to the north of England and Scotland. P. gamma is of course as abundant everywhere in Surrey as in other counties. P. moneta, which has only been found in the United Kingdom of recent years, has been lately taken in all parts of the county. Mr. Briggs records it from Leatherhead, Mr. N. P. Fenwick informs me that he has taken it in his garden at Esher, and Mr. Richards says he caught six specimens in his 1 Mr. Barrett reminds me that one specimen has been taken at Battle, Sussex. Two specimens have been reported from Devon, and one from Cambridge. H. G. 132