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INSECTS rare species in the county. It was taken by the writer at Reigate in 1874, and again in 1897 ; and Mr. Kaye records the capture of a speci- men at Worcester Park in 1900. S. cincfa/is, Tr., is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere and Dulwich, by Mr. Webb from Betchworth, and by Mr. Kaye from Epsom. It also occurs at Farnham and Guild- ford. Scopula lutealis is generally distributed ; and S. o/iva/is, SchifF. ; S. pruna/is, SchifF. ; and S. ferruga/is, Hb., are recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, by Mr. Briggs from Leatherhead, and Mr. Webb reports them as common throughout the Reigate district. S. ferrugalis is also reported from Worcester Park, Dulwich and elsewhere in the metro- politan district. Stenopteryx hybridalis, Hb., is recorded from Haslemere, and Mr. Webb says it is common throughout the Reigate district. It also occurs in the London suburbs. Scoparia ambigualis, Tr., S. cembrce, Haw. ; S. dubitalis, Hb. ; S. mercure//a, L. ; S. cratage//a, Hb. ; S. angusfea, St., and S. pallida, St., are all recorded by Mr. Webb as being common throughout the Reigate district ; they occur about Oxshott, Ranmore, Wisley and Purley, and most of them are also included by Mr. Barrett in his Haslemere list, in addition to S. basistrigalis, Knaggs ; S. resinea, Haw., and S. truncicolella, Sta. CRAMBITES Platytes cerusellus, SchifF., is reported from Betchworth by Mr. Webb, and by Mr. Briggs from Box Hill. Crambus falsellus, SchifF., is recorded from Haslemere, and Mr. Webb has taken it at Redstone Wood, but it is not a common species. C. pratellus, L., occurs every- where. C. dumetellus, Hb., 1 is a very local species, but recorded from Haslemere by Mr. Barrett, from Byfleet by Mr. Adkin, and from Box Hill by Mr. Briggs. C. pascuellus, L., is generally distributed and com- mon. C. uliginose '//us, Zell., is recorded by Mr. Webb from wet swamps near Reigate. C. pinellus occurs at Haslemere, and sparingly about Wray Lane near Redhill, and at Redstone Hill. C. /atistrius, Haw., is included by Mr. Barrett in his list of Haslemere species, and the late Mr. Stainton records it from Weybridge. C. perlellus, Scop. ; C. tristel- lus, Fb. ; C. inquinatellus, SchifF. ; C. genicu/eus, Haw., C. hortuellus, Hb., and C. culmellus, L., are common nearly everywhere ; and C. se/ase//us, Hb., is recorded from Haslemere and Leatherhead. C. tristellus, Fb., C. culmellus and C. hortuellus are generally distributed and are reported by Mr. Barrett even from the south London suburbs. C. chrysonuchellus^ Scop., occurs at Reigate Hill, Box Hill, Banstead, Purley and Leather- head. Schcenobius forficellus, Thunb., is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Dulwich. Ilithyia carnella, L., occurs in the Sheep Leas, West Horsley, and Mr. Webb reports it from Headley Heath and Box Hill. Homaeo- soma sinuella, is recorded by Mr. Webb from Betchworth ; and Mr. Barrett has taken H. nimbella, Zell., in the suburbs of London. Epbestia elutella, Hb., is generally common ; and E. pinguis, Haw., is reported 1 This species is common in Abbots Wood, Sussex, but I have never seen it in Surrey. H. G. 135