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A HISTORY OF SURREY by Mr. Webb from Redhill, and it also occurs in the south London suburbs. Crytoblabes bistriga, Haw., occurs at Haslemere and Red- stone Wood. Phycis betulella is recorded by Mr. Webb from Redstone Wood and Horsley. P. carbonariella, Fisch., occurs at Haslemere, Shalford, Shiere and elsewhere ; and P. adornatella, Tr., and P. ornatella, Schiff., occur in the chalk district from Guildford to Reigate. P. robor- ella, Zinck., is recorded from Haslemere. Pempelia palumbella, Fb., occurs at Haslemere, Leith Hill and Gomshall. Rhodophaea consociella, Hb., is reported by Mr. Webb as occurring sparingly at Croydon, Box Hill and Redhill. Mr. Briggs has taken it at Box Hill, and Mr. Barrett includes it in his list of Haslemere species, and says he has also taken it at Dulwich. R. advenella, Zinck., has been taken at Haslemere and in the Reigate district. R. suavella, Zinck., is reported from Dorking and Holmwood. R. tumidella, Zinck., has been taken at Haslemere ; and R. rubrotibiella, Fisch., has been found near the railway embankment near Forest Hill 1 and Sydenham. Oncocera ahenella, Zinck., is reported by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere, by Mr. Briggs from Box Hill, and by Mr. Webb from Betchworth and Reigate Hills. Melia sociella, L., is gene- rally distributed ; and Meliphora aheariella, Gn., is recorded by Mr. Barrett from Haslemere. MICRO-LEPIDOPTERA In drawing up a list of the Micro-lepidoptera of Surrey some use has been made of the records of Mr. J. F. Stephens in his Illustrations of British Entomology ', and of those of Mr. H. T. Stain ton in his Manual of British Moths ; also of the numerous records in early volumes of the Zoologist, in the Entomologist's Weekly Intelligencer, the Entomologist's Monthly Magazine, the Entomologist, and other periodicals. A long and valuable manuscript list has been supplied by Mr. Sydney Webb of species collected by him during his residence of many years at Redhill, whence he collected extensively from Guildford in the west to the eastern boundary of the county at Oxted, and from the southern slopes of the North Downs to the borders of Sussex. Further lists for portions of the same districts and from the chalk region about Croydon, Mickleham and Leatherhead have been furnished by Messrs. R. Adkin, H. J. Turner and A. H. Jones. My own contribution consists of the species collected at different times during the last forty years in the southern suburbs of London, where gardens were extensively examined and the street gas-lamps laid under contribution ; and also of the species found during seven years' residence in the extreme south of the county ; at Haslemere, Chidding- fold, Witley, Thursley, Hindhead and Churt. 1 Mr. Barrett says that these were the original, and almost the only, captures of this species in the United Kingdom. H. G. 136