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INSECTS CHLOEPHORID^E Halias prasinana, Linn. Croydon, Reigate, Sutton, Haslemere ; probably in all oak woods quercana, Schiff. ; bicolorana, Fuesl. Reigate, Redstone Wood, Haslemere ; also in oak woods Earias chlorana, Linn. South London, suburbs and parks, swamps near Redhill; among willows and osiers SARROTHRIPID^E Sarrothripa revayana, Schiff. ; undulana, Hub. Redhill, Haslemere, Withy ; beaten from firs at Shalford TORTRICID^: Tortrix podana, Scop. ; pyrastrana, Hb. Generally common piceana, Linn. Taken at Oxshott by Messrs. Adkin and South ; Shalford, one or two specimens crataegana, Hb. Redhill, Haslemere ; in oak woods, not common xylosteana, Linn. Generally common sorbiana, Hb. Reigate, Redhill, Godstone, Haslemere ; in woods ; occasionally in South London suburbs rosana, Linn. Everywhere abundant diversana, Hb. ; transitana, Gn. Redstone Hill, Norbiton, Oxshott ; among elm, very local cinnamomeana, Tr. Haslemere, among oak ; Box Hill, among larch ; Mickle- ham ; very local heparana, Schiff. Generally common in woods and gardens ribeana, Hb. Abundant everywhere corylana, Hb. Redhill, Reigate, Box Hill, Haslemere ; probably in woods generally unifasciana, Dup. Abundant everywhere, especially in gardens among privet semialbana, Gn. Formerly to be found near Mickleham, on the chalk costana, Schiff. Reigate, Redhill, Nun- head ; formerly on Barnes Common, usually occurring in marshy places viburnana, Schiff. Claremont, Churt, on boggy heaths ; occasionally near Nun- head in South London suburbs viridana, Linn. Abundant everywhere among oaks ministrana, Linn. Generally common in woods adjunctana, Tr. ; Forsterana, Fab. Com- mon everywhere in woods ; also in gardens among ivy. Its larva sometimes terribly disfigures ornamental ivy Dichelia grotiana, Fab. Haslemere, Churt, Reigate, Redhill Leptogramma literana, L. Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; on oaks Peronea sponsana, Fab. ; favillaceana, Hb. Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; probably everywhere among beech rufana, Schiff. ; autumnana, Hb. For- merly at Wimbledon, Sutton and Birch- wood ; not common, if still existing mixtana, Hb. Guildford, Shalford, Hasle- mere, Hindhead ; on all large heaths schalleriana, Linn. Generally distributed among sallow comparana, Hb. Also generally distri- buted in lanes and hedges permutana, Dup. Formerly to be found on Barnes Common variegana, Schiff. Common everywhere in hedges cristana, Schiff. Redhill, Reigate, rare ; Haslemere, Leatherhead, Fetcham Down ; formerly at Wimbledon, Coombe Wood and Ripley hastiana, Linn. Redhill, Reigate, Hasle- mere, Wimbledon ; among sallow umbrana, Hb. Has formerly been taken at Sanderstead, Mickleham, Coombe Wood, Fetcham Down and Leatherhead ; now very scarce ferrugana, Schiff. In oak woods generally tristana, Hb. ; logiana, Steph. Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere ; formerly at Wim- bledon aspersana, Hb. Reigate, Mickleham, Box Hill ; abundant on all chalk hills Teras caudana, Fab. Redhill, Reigate, Hasle- mere ; among sallow contaminana, Hb. Abundant everywhere in hawthorn hedges Dictyopteryx loeflingiana, Linn. Common everywhere among oak holmiana, Linn. Reigate, Redhill, Hasle- mere bergmanniana, Linn. Abundant every- where among rose forskaleana, Linn. Southern suburbs of London, Haslemere, Redhill, Reigate ; among sycamore and maple Argyrotoza conwayana, Fab. Generally com- mon among ash trees Ptycholoma leacheana, Linn. Redhill, Reigate, Oxshott, Purley, Ranmore, Haslemere ; not uncommon in woods Ditula semifasciana, Haw. Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere ; among sallow Penthina picana, Frol. ; corticana, Steph. Richmond, Box Hill, Reigate, Redstone, Buckland Hill, Oxshott, Haslemere ; among birch 137