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A HISTORY OF SURREY Penthina betulzetana, Haw. Redstone Wood, Haslemere ; heaths, among birch capraeana, Hb. Haslemere ; scarce praslongana, Gn. ; sororculana, Steph. Redhill, Haslemere, Withy ; formerly at Dulwich pruniana, Hb. Abundant everywhere among blackthorn ochroleucana, Hb. Redhill, Reigate, Ron- more, Haslemere cynosbatella, Linn. ; variegana, Hb. Com- mon everywhere in hedges sauciana, Hb. Abundant at Leith Hill, Hindhead gentianana, Hb. Dorking, Reigate ; among teazle sellana, Hb. Reigate, Redhill, Box Hill, Mickleham, Haslemere ; on rough hill- sides marginalia, Haw. Haslemere ; common in damp woods carbonana, Dbld. Haslemere, scarce ; Coombe Wood, formerly Antithesia salicana, Gn. Norbiton ; once near Redhill Station ; formerly at Battersea Spilonota ocellana, Schiff. Generally common lariciana, Zell. Box Hill, common among larch ; Haslemere, scarce pauperana, Frey. Box Hill ; among wild rose, rare aceriana, Mann. Abundant among poplar in the South London suburbs dealbana, Frol. Generally common neglectana, Dup. South London suburbs ; not common incarnatana, Hb. ; amaenana, Hb. Croydon, Box Hill, Buckland Hill, Betchworth Hill ; formerly on Barnes Common suffusana, Zell. Reigate, Haslemere ; generally in hawthorn hedges rosaecolana, Dbld. Reigate, Redhill, Shir- ley, South London suburbs ; very com- mon in gardens, and destructive to roses roborana, Schiff. Everywhere common among rose Pardia tripunctana, Schiff. Generally common Aspis udmanniana, Linn. Redstone, Reigate, Box Hill, Oxshott, Ripley, Coombe Wood, Haslemere, South London ; common among bramble Sideria achatana, Schiff. Richmond, Norbiton, Coombe Wood, Ripley, South London suburbs, about hawthorn hedges Sericoris latifasciana, Haw. Taken on Clun- don Common, Ripley, by Mr. J. F. Stephens bifasciana, Haw. Norbiton, Oxshott, Mickleham, Milford Heath ; among Scotch fir Sericoris cespitana, Hb. Mickleham, Caterham, Betchworth Hill, Redstone Hill; abun- dant at Box Hill, Ashtead, Shirley, Leatherhead conchana, Hb. Leith Hill, Reigate Heath Wood, Mickleham, Box Hill, Haslemere, Churt ; in swampy meadows lacunana, Schiff. Abundant everywhere ; even found in South London urticana, Hb. Generally common in woods ; abundant on the hills among whortleberry micana, Hb. Churt ; in swampy mea- dows Mixodia ratzeburghiana, Sax. Croydon, Mickleham, Reigate, Redhill, Box Hill; about young fir plantations rubiginosana, H.S. ; Bouchardana, Dbld. Oxshott ; not rare among fir Euchromia purpurana, Haw. Box Hill, rather common ; Crome Hurst, Buckland Hill, sparingly ; Haslemere, rare Orthotaenia antiquana, Hb. Haslemere ; not common striana, Schiff. Redhill, Reigate, Box Hill, Haslemere, South London suburbs ericetana, Bent. Haslemere, rare; once in Headley Lane, Mickleham, by Mr. Sydney Webb Eriopsela fractifasciana, Haw. Redhill, Reigate, Dorking, Shirley, Box Hill, Sanderstead ; common on chalk hills quadrana, Hb. Formerly at Stoats Nest, near Croydon Phtheocroa rugosana, Hb. Once taken by Mr. Sydney Webb near Dorking Cnephasia musculana, Hb. Generally com- mon politana, Haw. ; lepidana, Curt. Shirley, Haslemere ; widely distributed on heaths Sciaphila nubilana, Hb. Chiddingfola, Horsley, Reigate, Redstone ; common in the South London suburbs about hawthorn hedges perterana, Gn. ; conspersana, Dgl. Betch- worth and Box Hill pascuana, Hb. South London suburbs, Box Hill subjectana, Gn. Generally abundant virgaureana, Tr. Plentiful everywhere chrysantheana, Dup. ; alternana, Schiff. Shirley, taken by Mr. H. J. Turner sinuana, Steph. Mickleham, Redhill; rare hybridana, Hb. Generally common in hedges Sphaleroptera ictericana, Haw. Richmond, Mr. H. J. Turner Capua ochraceana, Steph. Horsley, Haslemere, formerly at Dulwich Wood 138