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A HISTORY OF SURREY Semasia janthinana, Dup. Croydon, Reigate, Redhill, South London suburbs rufillana, Zell. Croydon, Mickleham, San- derstead, Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; among wild carrot wceberana, SchifF. Generally common about fruit trees Coccyx strobilana, Linn. Croydon, Abinger, Box Hill; among spruce ochsenheimeriana, Zell. Box Hi/I, among spruce fir, apparently a recent immi- grant splendidulana, Gn. 'Haslemere, in oak woods ; formerly at Coombe Wood argyrana, Hb. Generally common in oak woods, sitting on the trunks hyrciniana, Uslar ; taedella, Linn. Abun- dant everywhere among spruce fir distinctana, Bent. Mickleham, Gomshall nanana, Tr. Haslemere, Redhill, Reigate, Mickleham, Box Hill; common on spruce fir vacciniana, Fisch. Haslemere, among whortleberry Heusimene fimbriana, Steph. Richmond Park, Wimbledon, Coombe Wood Retinia buoliana, SchifF. Gomshall, Oxshott, Milford, Churt ; among Scotch fir pinicolana, Dbld. Redhill, Oxshott, Mil- ford Heath, Shirley turionana, Linn. Box Hill, Birch Wood, Oxshott ; on fir, near Haslemere pinivorana, Zett. Oxshott, Milford Heath Carpocapsa splendana, Hb. Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere ; among oak grossana, Haw. Reigate, Mickleham, Box Hill, Chobham, Haslemere, Milford; among beech pomonana, Linn. Everywhere in or- chards ; also in fruit rooms and shops Opadia funebrana, Tr. In the Reigate dis- trict in orchards, and also in fruit stores Endopisa nebritana, Tr. Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere ; abundant in pea fields Stigmonota coniferana, Ratzb. Oxshott, Mickleham, Hindhead, Haslemere ; among fir trees on the hills pallifrontana, Zell. One specimen taken by Mr. H. J. Turner at Reigate in June, 1894 internana, Gn. South London suburbs beyond Nunhead ; taken by Mr. H. J. Turner perlepidana, Haw. Haslemere, in woods, Shirley composana, Fab. Redhill, Reigate, Birch Wood, Haslemere ; common among clover weirana, Dougl. Redhill, Box Hill, Mickle- ham ; among beech Stigmonota nitidana, Fab. ; redimitana, Gn. Haslemere ; woods near London regiana, Zell. South London suburbs, Redhill, Reigate ; among sycamore germarana, Froel. ; puncticostana, Steph. Ripley, Haslemere Woods ; not common roseticolana, Zell. ; germarana, Stn. Man- ual, Reigate, Box Hill, Coombe Wood, Haslemere haws the larva common in Dicrorampha politana, SchifF. Croydon and elsewhere in waste places on the chalk alpinana, Tr. Reigate Hill, Box Hill, South London suburban gardens ; among tansy petiverana, Linn. Everywhere among milfoil sequana, Hub. Croydon, Reigate,* Redhill, South London suburbs, Haslemere plumbana, Scop. Generally common in grassy places plumbagana, Tr. Redhill, Reigate, Box Hill, Haslemere saturnana, Gn. South London suburbs ; probably widely distributed among tansy acuminatana, Zell. Redhill, Reigate, Mickleham, Haslemere ; among ox-eye daisy simpliciana, Haw. Croydon, Redhill, Rei- gate, Witley ; among mugwort consortana, Steph. Croydon, Mickleham, Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; among ox-eye daisy Pyrodes rhediana, Linn. Haslemere ; flying over hawthorn Catoptria albersana, Hb. Redstone, Reigate, Haslemere ; common in woods ulicetana, Haw. Abundant everywhere about furze microgrammana, Gn. Box Hill ; among rest-harrow Juliana, Curt. Guildford, Redstone, Hasle- mere, South London suburbs and parks hypericana, Hb. Generally distributed among St. John's wort conterminana, H.S. Once at Redstone Hill by Mr. Sydney Webb fulvana, Steph. Box Hill, and doubtless elsewhere on the chalk cana, Haw. Haslemere; doubtless every- everywhere common among thistles scopoliana, Haw. Generally distributed among knapweed caecimaculana, Hb. Mickleham ; common at Headley Lane, probably elsewhere on the chalk expallidana, Haw. Damp meadows near Redhill Station ; formerly near Coombe Wood 140