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INSECTS Trycheris mediana, Schiff. Outwood, Holm- wood, Dorking, Redstone, Haslemere Lobesia permixtana, Hb. ; reliquana, Stn. Ash- stead, Headley Wood, Haslemere servillana, Dup. Haslemere Woods ; scarce Eupcecilia nana, Haw. Redhill, Oxshott, Haslemere, Shirley, Reigate dubitana, Hb. Farnham, Oxshott, Box Hill; scarce at Redstone and Reigate; common on the railway banks in the South London suburbs even to the railway stations sodaliana, Haw. ; amandana, H.S. Croy- don, Ripley, Sanderstead and elsewhere, among buckthorn on the downs maculosana, Haw. Redstone, Tilburstowe, Haslemere ; among bluebells hybridellana, Hb. Guildfird, Reigate Hill, Box Hill, Mickleham, Betchworth ambiguana, Hb. Haslemere ; rare angustana, Hb. Generally distributed and common curvistrigana, Wilk. Haslemere ; scarce manniana, Zell. Haslemere Woods ; very rare rupicola, Curt. Churt, in a marsh flaviciliana, Dbld. On a bank facing West Reigate Hill, going by Wray Lane, also at Sanderstead subroseana, Haw. Haslemere Woods ; scarce implicitana, H.S., Heydeniana, Zell. Haslemere, South London suburbs ; on railway banks roseana, Haw. Reigate and elsewhere on the chalk, but scarce ciliella, Hb. ; ruficiliana, Haw. Reigate Hill, Buckland Hill, Mickleham, Horsley ; among cowslip Xanthosetia zoegana, Linn. Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere, Box Hill, Croydon ; not very common hamana, Linn. Common and generally distributed Chrosis tesserana, Schiff. Croydon, Mickle- ham, Box Hill, and on other chalk hills ; Haslemere, on railway banks rutilana, Hb. Stoats Nest and Caterham Downs, near Croydon ; among juniper audouinana, Dup. Redstone Wood, Reigate Heath, Haslemere ; rare Argyrolepia baumanniana, Schiff. Haslemere; common in damp woods among Scabiosa succisa subbaumanniana, Wilk. Reigate, Sander- stead, Mickleham, Box Hill, and pro- bably on all other chalk hills zephyrana, Tr. ; dubrisana, Curt. Croydon, Reigate, Haslemere ; uncommon Argyrolepia cnicana, Dbld. Redhill, Hasle- mere ; in marshy spots among thistles badiana, Hb. Crome Hurst, Croydon, among burdock ; formerly at Battersea aeneana, Hb. Haslemere, on railway banks ; scarce Conchylis dipoltella, Hb. Formerly near Guildfird and Croydon possibly extinct francillana, Fab. Sanderstead, Reigate, Redhill ; on the chalk dilucidana, Steph. Boxhill, Dorking, Rei- gate, Banstead, Sanderstead ; on the chalk smeathmanniana, Fab. Oxshott, Betch- worth, Banstead, not common ; formerly at Barnes and common in the South London suburbs, now long absent stramineana, Haw. New Cross, slope of railway bank ; Box Hill, sparingly ; Richmond inopiana, Haw. Haslemere, in marshy fields ; Ripley Aphelia pratana, Hb. Sanderstead, Mickleham, abundant at Haslemere and Churt ; Reigate, Redhill, South London suburbs Tortricodes hyemana, Hb. Generally common in oak woods TINEINA CHOREUTID.E Simaethis fabriceana, Linn. Abundant every- where over nettles pariana, Linn. Reigate, Redstone, Hasle- mere ; in thatch PSYCHID^E Taleporia pseudo-bombycella, Och. Wey- bridge, Godstone, Tilburstowe, Shirley, Haslemere, Milford, hanger between Betcham and Box Hill Psyche radiella, Curt. Reigate Hill, Brock- ham Hill, Box Hill intermediella, Brd. Box Hill, Leatherhead, South London suburbs roboricolella, Brd. Haslemere Solenobia inconspicuella, Stn. Richmond Park, Milford Heath TINEID^E Lemnatophila phryganella, Hb. Gatton Woods, Haslemere Diurnea fagella, Schiff. Everywhere com- mon Epigraphia avellanella, Hb. Haslemere, Box Hill ; on birch trunks steinkellneriana, Schiff. Oxshott, Redstone Hill, Nutfield, Leith Hill, Haslemere 141