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INSECTS Micropteryx purpurella, Steph. Generally common among birch semipurpurella, Steph. Haslemere; among birch

unimaculella, Zett. Haslemere, not com-

mon ; Wimbledon Common salopiella, Stn. Haslemere ; scarce sparmannella, Bosc. Redhill, Haslemere; sparingly subpurpurella, Haw. Abundant in oak woods generally Swammerdamia apicella, Don. ; comptella,Hb. Haslemere, common ; rare at Redhill griseocapitella, Stn. Generally distributed among birch oxyacanthella, Zell. Reigate, Redhill ; abundant spiniella, Zell. Reigate, Redhill, Hasle- mere ; less common pyrella, Vill. Generally common among fruit trees Scythropia crataegella, Linn. Darting, Nor- biton ; very local Hyponomeuta plumbella, SchifF. Croydon, Box Hill, Betchworth, Hambledon, Churt irrorella, Hb. Formerly at Wandsworth and Richmond Park padella, Linn. Abundant everywhere in hawthorn hedges malellus. Name given by the late Mr. F. Bond to a small species, with rounded tip to the wings, making white cocoons, upon apple, abundant in South London cognatella, Hub. Reigate, Redhill, Ham- bledon, Churt, abundantly in the South London suburbs padi, Zell. ; evonymella (?), Linn. One taken at Reigate by Mr. H. J. Turner vigintipunctatus, Retz. Guildford, Hasle- mere ; very local Prays curtisellus, Don. Generally common among ash Eidophasia messingiella, Fisch. Once taken near Haslemere by Dr. Knaggs Plutella cruciferarum, Zell. Abundant every- where porrectella, Linn. Reigate Hill, Wray Lane annulatella, Curt. Mr. Sydney Webb records this usually seaside species at Betchworth, Dor ting and Redhill Cerostoma sequella, Linn. Wray Lane, Reigate, Redstone Hill, Leith Hill, Ripley, Haslemere ; scarce vitteila, Linn. Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere, Witley, South London suburbs ; on elm radiatella, Don. Generally abundant in woods costella, Fab. In oak woods generally sylvella, Linn. Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere Cerostoma alpella, SchifF. In oak woods generally, but scarce lucella, Fab. Redhill, Reigate, Hasle- mere ; local and uncommon Harpipteryx scabrella, Linn. Haslemere ; among apple, scarce nemorella, Linn. Haslemere, Redhill ; occasionally harpella, SchifF; xylostella, Stn. Gener- ally common among honeysuckle Theristis caudella, Linn. Redhill, Mickleham, Witley, Churt ; in lanes among spindle ; occasionally beaten from thatch Orthotaelia sparganiella, Thunb. Swamps at Redhill station, Croydon Enicostoma lobelia, SchifF. Generally dis- tributed among blackthorn ; not very common Phibalocera quercella, Fab. Widely distri- buted in oak woods, but not so abun- dant as was formerly the case Exaeretia allisella, Stn. Holmwood, Dorking ; excessively local Depressaria costosa, Haw. Generally com- mon among furze, even to South London suburbs liturella, SchifF. Betchworth Hill, Box Hill, Haslemere ; common pallorella, Zell. Same places, scarce bipunctosa, Curt. Kingston Hill, Redhill ; rare umbellana, Steph. Coombe Wood, Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere, Witley, Hindhead ; on heaths assimilella, Tr. Redhill, Reigate, Wimble- don, Barnes, Haslemere nanatella, Stn. Mickleham, Box Hill, Betchworth Hill ; on the chalk atomella, SchifF. Leith Hill scopariella, Zell. Haslemere, among broom ; formerly on Barnes Common arenella, SchifF. Everywhere common propinquella, Tr. Sanderstead, Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; widely distributed subpropinquella, Stn. Reigate, Redhill, Haslemere ; in thatch rhodochrella, H.S. Haslemere ; scarce alstrcemeriana, Linn. Norbury Park, Redhill, Reigate, Haslemere ; common purpurea, Haw. ; vaccinella, Hb. Redhill, Haslemere, Sanderstead capreolella, Zell. Reigate, Betchworth Hill, Box Hill, Sanderstead, Mickleham hypericella, Hb. Redhill, Reigate, Hasle- mere, Hambledon, Churt conterminella, Zell. Redhill, Haslemere ; common in swampy places among sallow angelicella, Hb. Reigate, Redhill, Hasle- mere ; among Angelica 143