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INSECTS Gracilaria straminiella, Stn. Leith Hi//, Box Hill; Mr. Sydney Webb finds it, in his opinion, abundantly distinct from the next species elongella, Linn. Generally distributed in oak woods semifascia, Haw. Reigate, Mickleham ; among maple - populetella, Zell. Birch Wood, Witley ; not common - tringipennella, Zell. Generally distributed on chalk downs, railway banks, and rough ground, among plantain - syringella, Fab. Abundant everywhere in gardens ; in the South London suburbs greatly disfiguring the lilacs by mining in their leaves - omissella, Dougl. Reigate, pathway to Nutfield from Redhill railway station, looking, Witley, Hambledon ; very local, among mugwort - phasianipennella, Hb. Witley, Haslemere, Shiere ; scarce, but traces of larva often observed auroguttella, Steph. Widely distributed among St. John's wort - ononidis, Zell. Betchworth, Buckland Hill, Mickleham Coriscium brongniardellum. Fab. Redhill, Reigate, Guildford, Haslemere, Leigh, Dorking ; beaten out of thatch, not very commonly cuculipennellum, Hb. Reigate Hill, Mickleham, Haslemere ; sparingly among privet citrinellum, Fisch. ; sulphurellum, Haw. Mickleham, Haslemere Ornix avellanella, Stn. Generally distributed among hazel anglicella, Stn. Everywhere common among hawthorn - betulae, Stn. Redhill, Haslemere ; among birch - torquillella, Stn. Reigate, Redhill, Churt, Haslemere ; among blackthorn fagivora, Frey. The larva has been found by Mr. S. Webb rarely at Reigate Hill guttea, Haw. Widely distributed, fre- quenting gardens and orchards Coleophora juncicolella, Stn. Leith Hill, Dorking, Shirley, Haslemere ; on heaths - laricella, Hb. Redstone, Buckland Hill, Betchworth Hill, Guildford, Mickleham ; common among larch - badiipennella, Fisch. Redstone Hill, Rei- gate, Haslemere ; hedges and palings limosipennella, Fisch. Reigate, Mickleham, Sutton, Box Hill, Flanchford, Haslemere, Witley, South London suburbs; among elm Coleophora solitariella, Zell. Redhill, Nutfield, Betchworth Hill, Guildford, Haslemere; among stitchwort olivaceella, Stn. Haslemere ; scarce lutipennella, Zell. Generally common among oak fuscedinella, Zell. Everywhere plentiful viminetella, Zell. Reigate, Redstone, Nun- head siccifolia, Stn. Redhill, foot of Box Hill gryphipennella, Bouche. Redhill, Reigate, Guildford, in woods among wild rose ; also in South London gardens orbitella, Zell. Addlngton nigricella, Steph. Common everywhere among hawthorn and fruit trees paripennella, Fisch. Redstone, Reigate, South London suburbs albitarsella, Zell. Mickleham, Hooley, Nutfield, Betchworth, Haslemere, South London suburbs ; among ground ivy fuscocuprella, H.S. Redstone Wood, Hasle- mere, Churt ; scarce alcyonipennella, Koll. Redhill, Reigate, Guildford, Mickleham, Haslemere frischella, Linn. Once taken at Redhill by Mr. S. Webb fabriciella, Vill. Haslemere, Redhill, Rei- gate, and elsewhere among knapweed bicolorella, Wilk. 1 D , . .,, ... . .' c } Redstone Hill wilkmsoni, Stn. J hemerobiella, Zell. Putney, Camberwell; in gardens, about pear trees palliatella, Zell. Redstone Wood, rare ; Haslemere, Wimbledon, Dulwich anatipennella, Hb. Redstone, Reigate, South London suburbs ibipennella, Heyd. Richmond, Oxshott, Addington, Nunhead, Redhill ; scarce ardeaspennella, Tr. Dulwich, reared by Mr. H. J. Turner currucipennella, Fisch. Wimbledon, Ad- dington, Redstone Wood ; rare niveicostella, Fisch. Mickleham, Guildford saturatella, Stn. Recorded at Mickleham by Mr. J. W. Douglas discordella, Zell. Reigate Hill, Betch- worth, Mickleham, Hindhead, Forest Hill genistae, Stn. Reigate Heath, Waking, Oxshott ; on boggy heaths among petty whin pyrrhulipennella, Tisch. Wimbledon, Shir- ley ; among heather albicosta, Haw. Reigate and Redhill, rare ; Haslemere, very common ; Shirley, South London suburbs ; among furze conspicuella, Mann. Redstone, once taken ; Dorking, Holmwood, rare ; its principal known locality is at Headley Lane, Mickleham