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A HISTORY OF SURREY Coleophora wockeella, Zell. Haslemere ; very local, among wood betony lixella, Zell. Relgate Hill, Box Hill, Guildford, Mickleham, Sanderstead, common on chalk hills ; Haslemere, rare ochrea, Haw. Riddlesdown, Sanderstead, Purley ; among sun cistus on chalk hills onosmella, Zell. Mickleham, Box Hill, Guildford ; on all chalk downs about viper's bugloss inflatae, Stn. Mickleham, Guildford, Hasle- mere ; scarce, among bladder campion conyzae, Zell. Box Hill, Bletchworth, Mickleham ; among ploughman's spike- nard graminicolella, Hein. Haslemere ; very local therinella, Stn. Haslemere ; among thistles troglodytella, Stn. Withy, Haslemere ; among fleabane lineolea, Haw. Guildford ; among wound- wort murinipennella, Fisch. Redhill, Haslemere, widely distributed in woods ; also found in South London suburbs squamosella, Stn. Mickleham cespititiella, Zell. Everywhere common among rushes in wet places annulatella, Teng. Haslemere; common among goosefoot argentula, Zell. Croydon, Purley, Smitham Bottom, Haslemere ; common about mil- foil virgaureae, Stn. Haslemere ; among golden- rod Bedellia somnulentella, Zell. Haslemere ; ex- ceedingly local Cosmopteryx eximia, Haw. druryella, Zell. Larvae found in profusion on hop at Weybridge by Mr. Warren Batrachedra praeangustella, Haw. Redhill; abundant in the South London suburbs on poplar pinicolella, Zell. Weybridge, Gomshall, Milford Heath, Shirley ; among fir Chauliodus insecurellus, Stn. Stoats Nest near Croydon, Purley, Smitham Bottom chasrophyllellus, Goe. Haslemere ; not common illigerellus, Hb. Redhill, Sanderstead, Haslemere ; in swamps Laverna conturbatella, Hb. ... propinquella, Stn. / ** HlU lacteella, Steph. Redhill, Nutfield, Hasle- mere, Churt ; in marshes raschkiella, Fisch. Mickleham, Box Hill, Haslemere ; among rose bay miscella, Schiff. Reigate, Dorking, Guild- ford, Croydon ; on chalk downs among rock rose 148 Laverna Stephens!, Stn. Sanderstead, Nor hi ton, Tooting, Tulse Hill, and elsewhere in the South London suburbs fulvescens, Haw. ; epilobiella, Stn. Gener- ally in damp places among willow-herb ochraceella, Curt. Redhill ; widely distri- buted but scarce, about the same plant phragmitella, Bent. Near Three Bridges, but just within the county boundary decorella, Steph. Redhill, Reigate, Hasle- mere, Witley ; about waste ground and in thatch subbistrigella, Haw. Haslemere, Brook, Wormley ; in thatch atra, Haw. ; hellerella, Dup. Generally distributed, including South London ; among hawthorn vinolentella, H.S. South London suburbs ; among apple trees rhamniella, Zell. Croydon, Reigate, Dork- ing, Box Hill, Sanderstead Chrysoclista linneella, Stn. Abundant on the trunks of lime trees in South London bimaculella, Haw. A specimen taken at Leith Hill was recorded in 1855 schrankella, Hb. Nutwood, Gatton, Hasle- mere ; in marshy places flavicaput, Haw. Generally distributed in hawthorn hedges Asychna modestella, Dup. Generally com- mon among stitchwort asratella, Zell. Guildford, Ripley, Reigate, Sanderstead; scarce Chrysocorys festaliella, Hb. Gomshall, Reigate Heath, scarce ; common at Haslemere Stephensia brunnichella, Linn. Reigate, Betch- worth Hill, Sanderstead, Box Hill Elachista gleichenella, Fab. Box Hill, Mickle- ham, Sanderstead, Reigate Hill, Hasle- mere ; in woods trapeziella, Stn. Redhill, Nutfield magnificella, Tengs. Mickleham, Hasle- mere ; not common apicipunctella, Stn. Recorded as found in swamps only, without definite locality usually a northern species albifrontella, Hb. Generally distributed in wood paths and borders of woods luticomella, Zell. Common in all woods atricomella, Stn. Redhill, Sanderstead, Haslemere ; usually upon downs cinereopunctella, Haw. Reigate, Hasle- mere, Sanderstead, South London suburbs nigrella, Hb. Common everywhere stabilella, Stn. Reigate, Dorking, Mickle- ham, Box Hill bedellella, Sire. Sanderstead, Box Hill, Reigate ; on chalk downs generally obscurella, Stn. Generally common