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CRUSTACEANS and Norman regard as the young of Erpetocypris reptans. In their genus the seta? of the second antenna; are not wanting, but they are short and not plumose, and the power of swimming is lost as in Candona. From the dried mud out of Headley parish there was reared a tolerably large species which appears to agree with Stenocypris fischeri (Lilljeborg), 1 and the much smaller Pionocypris vidua* (O. F. Miiller), of which Baird's Cypris sella from a ' pond on Clapham Common ' is made a synonym by Brady and Norman. 3 For the Copepoda the records are even more scanty than those of the Ostracoda, being limited to the notice of ' Diaptomus castor, male and female' as having been found by the Quekett Club at Woking, 4 and D. gracilis, Sars, which Dr. Brady reports as having been obtained by Mr. Scourfield on Wandsworth Common. 6 For a complete catalogue of the Crustacean fauna of Surrey materials are still wanting. The gaps to be filled are large and numerous. On the other hand, about many of the unrecorded species it is safe to prophesy that they will be found in the county by the first naturalist who has the requisite leisure for the search and knowledge for their identification. The facilities for this pursuit have been greatly increased in recent years by luminous writings, describing the forms, the movements, the colours of various species, explaining where they are to be found and how they can best be captured. If difficulties still remain, there is a certain satis- faction to be derived from grappling with them ; and the natural beauty and interest of the species when found and examined may be guaranteed to give the explorer for his pains an ample and sure reward. 1 See Brady and Norman, Tram. Royal Soc. Dublin, ser. 2, vol. iv. p. 8 1 ; and Sars, Arch. Naturv. vol. xviii. p. 4 (1896).

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