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FISHES The fish fauna of Surrey is essentially a freshwater one, but owing to a part of the Thames being under tidal influence it possesses a few marine types which extend into its limits. A complete list of Surrey fishes has not appeared before. TELEOSTEANS ACANTHOPTERYGII 1. Perch. Perca flimia tills, Linn. 2. Ruff or Pope. Acerina cernua, Linn. (A. vulgaris, Day). Common in the Thames above Richmond. 3. Miller's Thumb or Noggle-head. Cottus gobio, Linn. ANACANTHINI 4. Flounder. Pleuronectes flesus, Linn. Yarrell records it as occurring in the Thames as high as Sunbury near Hampton. HEMIBRANCHII 5. Three - spined Stickleback. Gastrosteus acu/eatus, Linn. The smooth form (G. /iurus, Cuv.) alone is found in inland ponds and streams, whilst the varieties with bony shields on the sides (G. tracburus, G. simiarmatus, Cuv.) occur in the tidal part of the Thames. 6. Ten - spined Stickleback. Gastrosteus pungitius, Linn. More local. Known from Battersea and Cobham. HAPLOMI 7. Pike. Esox lucius, Linn. OSTARIOPHYSI 8. Carp. Cyprinus carpio, Linn. Introduced from Asia to Europe in the twelfth or thirteenth century. First men- tioned in England in 1496. 9. Crucian Carp. Cyprinus carassius, Linn. Both the typical form and the gold-fish (C. auratus, Linn.) have been introduced in ponds, and are now fully acclimatized. 10. Barbel. Barbus vulgaris, Flem. Abundant in the Thames. 1 1 . Gudgeon. Gobio ftuviatilis^ Flem. 12. Rudd. Leuciscus erythrophthalmus, Linn. 13. Roach. Leuciscus ruti/us, Linn. 14. Chub. Leuciscus cephalus, Linn. 15. Dace. Leuciscus dobula, Linn. (L. vul- garis, Day). 1 6. Minnow. Leuciscus phaxinus, Linn. 17. Tench. Tinea vulgaris, Cuv. 1 8. Bream. Abramis brama, Linn. 19. Bleak. Alburnus lucidus, Heck. & Kner. Common in the Thames. 20. Loach. Nemachilus barbatula, Linn. In small streams. MALACOPTERYGII 21. Salmon. Salmo saiar, Linn. The salmon, which was once abundant in the Thames, can no longer be claimed as a member of this county's fauna, no capture having been recorded since 1821. Several attempts have been made since 1862 at re- introducing the fish, the latest of which (the first of a series which are to be carried on for some years to come) took place in April, 1901, when between 500 and 600 samlets, reared at Denham near Uxbridge, were turned into the river just below Teddington weir. I 9 8