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A HISTORY OF SURREY ELSTEAD. Neolithic implements and fine ground celt in the Charterhouse Museum. Roughly made neolithic arrowheads in Guildford Museum. Prehistoric barrows [Surr. Arch, Coll. xii. 152-3]. FARLEY HEATH. See ALBURY. FARNCOMBE. Two bronze celts, now in the Charterhouse Museum. FARNHAM. Many palaeolithic implements found in the drift gravels here by Mr. Lasham and Mr. H. A. Mangles, F.G.S., and now in private possession and in Guildford and the Charterhouse Museums [Surr. Arch. Coll. xi. 259 ; Proc. Geologists' Assoc. xiii. 74-81 ; Evans S. 595-6]. Neolithic arrowheads, now in Guildford Museum. Bronze palstave with stop-ridge found at the Holt, Farnham, and now in the Charter- house Museum. British gold coin [Evans C. 434]. Prehistoric camp, probably of the neolithic age. Neolithic implements now in the Charterhouse Museum. Prehistoric barrows {Surr. Arch. Coll. xii. 1523]. Bronze hoard found at Sandy Farm near Crooksbury Hill [Illustrated London News, June 27, 1857 5 Surr. Arch. Coll. xii. 152]. This place seems to have been confused with the parish of Send. FRIMLEY. Palaeolithic implement [Evans S. 596 ; Proc. Geologists' Assoc. xiii. 80]. GODALMING. In the Charterhouse Museum are several specimens of palaeolithic, neolithic and bronze age antiquities found in West Surrey. British coins [Evans C. 50, 64, 83, 472]. GUILDFORD. In Guildford Museum are many palaeolithic, neolithic and bronze age anti- quities from West Surrey. Neolithic flakes, etc., from Whinney Hill, Chantry Woods, Guildford, from East Shalford Farm ; and a bronze palstave, with stop-ridge flanges and one loop, found near Stoke Hospital, Guildford. British coins [Evans C. 280, 434, 511, 552]. HASCOMBE. Neolithic camp. HASLEMERE. Perforated stone hammerhead of the Neolithic age, now in the Charterhouse Museum. HOG'S BACK. A large number of Neolithic scrapers and other implements, now in the Charterhouse Museum and other collections. HOLMBURY HILL. Neolithic camp [Surr. Arch. Coll. xii. 160 i]. Neolithic stone axe recently found at Holmbury Hill. HORLEY. British gold coin [Evans C. 69]. HORNE. British gold coin [Evans C. 61]. KEW. British gold coin [Evans C. 4412]. KINGSTON. Neolithic ground flint celt 5 inches long [Evans S. 126]. Neolithic ground celt of greenstone found whilst digging waterworks [Evans S. 1 50]. Numerous bronze age objects, including ornamented celts, leaf-shaped spearhead, also sepulchral urn, spindle-whorls, quern, fragments of pottery and pieces of copper cake [Arch. Journal, xx. 372-3 ; xxv. 154-5, ! S7 J Evans B. 124, 126, 321]. At Kingston Hill was found a hoard of bronze objects, comprising lumps of copper cake, socketed celts, fragments of swords and spearhead [Arch. Journal, xxvi. 288 ; Evans B. 82, 423, 467]. LETHERHEAD. British coins [Evans C. 83, 169]. LIMPSFIELD. Many palaeolithic drift-worn implements found here by Mr. A. M. Bell, F.G.S. Others found at Redland's farm. Neolithic implements and Romano-British pottery, some of which is now in Guildford Museum. British coin [Evans C. 50]. LINGFIELD MARSH (MARK) CAMP. Neolithic arrowhead [Evans S. 389]. Probably a neo- lithic hilltop camp. MITCHAM. Lower part of ground neolithic celt found near Mitcham Common, now in the Charterhouse Museum. OXTED. British uninscribed gold coin [Evans C. 50], PEASEMARSH. Palaeolithic implement found in gravel [Evans S. 594]. Neolithic dagger of chipped flint [Evans S. 353]. PURLEY. Neolithic flint celt, partially ground, found on surface of field by Mr. R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A. PUTNEY. Roughly chipped neolithic hoe, about 7 inches long, now in the Charterhouse Museum. 252