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A HISTORY OF SURREY WISLEY. Neolithic ground celt, in Guildford Museum. WOKING. Fine neolithic stemmed and double-barbed arrowhead, found by Mr. W. Tice, in Guildford Museum. Several fragments of bronze age, or earlier, pottery found at Chobham Park farm, now in Guildford Museum and in the Charterhouse Museum. WONERSH. Fragment of palaeolithic implement [Evans S. 596]. One palaeolithic imple- ment found by Sir W. C. Roberts-Austen, K.C.B., and numerous palaeolithic implements found by Mr. C. D. Hodgson. Neolithic or possibly bronze age barrow found at Black- heath, near Shamley Green [Surr. Arch. Coll. xv. 156 ; Proc. Sac. Antlq. Land. ser. 2, xviii. 251-7]. Numerous neolithic implements found by Sir W. C. Roberts-Austen, K.C.B. WORPLESDON. Finely chipped neolithic celt found at Whitmore Common, in Guildford Museum. Bronze age tumuli containing pottery ; cinerary urns found at Whitmore Common, now in the Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford. 254