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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE Myrmica rubra, Linn. race laevinodis. Rugby (Morice) ruginodis. scabrinodis. Sutton (Blatch) Solenopsis fugax, Latr. Knowle (Ellis) Monomorium pharonis, Linn. Birmingham ; common in houses FOSSORES Myrmosa melanocephala, Fab. Sutton (Brad- ley), Rugby (Morice) Tiphia minuta, V. de Lind. Rugby (Morice) Sapyga quinque-punctata, Fab. Solihull, Knowlt (Blatch) clavicornis, Linn. Solihull, Fillongley Pompilus niger, Fab. Sutton (Bradley) spissus, Schiiidte. Sutton (Bradley), Knowlt gibbus, Fab. Common in sandy localities - unguicularis, Thorns. Rugby (Morice) - pectinipes, V de Lind. Salius fuscus, Linn. ffhitchurch (Bloom), Rugby (Morice), Solihull, etc. - notatulus, Saund. Sutton (Bradley) - parvulus, Dahlb. ,, Tachytes pectinipes, Linn. Kenilworth, ColeMll Trypoxylon figulus, Linn. Button, Knowle, Rugby, etc. ; generally common about palings, etc. - clavicerum, Lep. Rugby (Morice), Soli- hull, Kenilworth attenuatum, Smith. Sutton (Bradley) Spilomena troglodytes, V. de Lind. Rugby (Morice), Salihull Stigmus solskyi, Moraw. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull Pemphredon lugubris, Latr. Generally com- mon in rotten palings, stumps, etc. shuckardi, Moraw. Rugby (Morice) - lethifer, Shuck. Sutton, Solihull, Rugby, etc. Diodontus minutus, Fab. Rugby (Morice) tristis, V. de Lind. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull Passalcecus corniger, Shuck. Rugby (Morice), Solihull insignis, V. de Lind. Rugby (Morice) Solihull gracilis, Curt. Rugby (Morice), Solihull monilicornis, Dlb. Rugby (Morice), Sutton (Bradley), Solihull Mimesa bicolor, Fab. Sutton (Bradley), Soli- hull, Coleibill Psen pallipes, Panz. Rugby (Morice), Sutton (Bradley), Solihull, Coleihill Gorytcs mystaceus, Linn. Knowle, Rugby, Sutton, etc. quadrifasciatus, Fab. Rugby (Morice) Nysson spinosus, Fab. Rugby (Morice), Sutton (Bradley), Solihull trimaculatus, Rossi. Rugby (Morice) Mellinus arvensis, Linn. Packington (Blatch), Rugby (Morice) Oxybelus uniglumis, Linn. Knowle, Sutton, Kenilworth, Rugby, etc. Crabro tibialis, Fab. Sutton (Bradley), Soli- bull clavipes, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull leucostomus, Linn. Sutton, Knowle, Rugby, etc. ; generally common in wood stumps, etc. pubescens, Shuck. Sutton (Bradley) capitosus, Shuck. Rugby (Morice) podagricus, V. de Lind. palmipes, Linn. Generally common varius, Lep. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull anxius, Wesm. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull - wesmaeli, V. de Lind. Rugby (Morice) - elongatulus, V. de Lind. Knowle, Sutton, Rugby, etc. quadrimaculatus, Dlb. Rugby (Morice), Solihull, Coleshill - dimidiatus, Fab. Sutton (Bradley), Knowle (Blatch), Solihull - vagabundus, Panz. Knowle (Blatch), Rugby (Morice) cephalotes, Panz. Hampton-in-Arden (Blatch), Rugby (Morice) chrysostomus, Lep. Generally common vagus, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull cribrarius, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Coles- hill (Blatch) peltarius, Schreb. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Coleshill interruptus, De Geer. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull, Middleton albilabris, Fab. Rugby (Morice), Kenil- worth Entomognathus brevis, V. de Lind- Rugby (Morice) DIPLOPTERA Vespa crabro, Linn. Salford Priors (Blatch), Studley vulgaris, Linn. Generally common germanica, Fab. rufa, Linn. Sutton, Rugby, Solihull sylvestris, Scop. Sutton, Solihull, Astley, Rugby, etc. norvegica, Fab. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull Odynerus spinipes, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Knowle (Blatch), Rugby (Morice) kevipes, Shuck. Knowle callosus, Thorns. Sutton, Knowle, Solihull, Rugby 74