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INSECTS Odynerus parietum, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull, etc. pictus, Curt. Rugby, Solihull, Sutton trimarginatus, Ztt. Sutton (Bradley) trifasciatus, Oliv. Sutton, Knowle, Rugby, etc. parietinus, Linn. Sutton, Knowle (Blatch), Rugby (Morice) antiliope, Panz. Rugby (Morice) sinuatus, Fab. Sutton (Bradley) ANTHOPHILA Collates succincta, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull daviesana, Smith. Solihull, Kenilivortb, Rugby Prosopis communis, Nyl. Sutton, Knowle, Rugby, Solihuh signata, Panz. Rugby (Morice) hyalinata, Sm. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) Sphecodes gibbus, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) subquadratus, Sm. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) pilirrons, Thorns. Sutton, Knowie, Rugby, etc. similis, Wesm. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) rerruginatus, Sch. Rugby (Morice) - variegatus, V. Hag. dimidiatus, V. Hag. - affinis, V. Hag. Sutton, Solihull, Kenil- worth, Rugby Halictus rubicundus, Christ. Common in most localities - leucozonius, Schk. Rugby (Morice) laevigatus, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley) cylindricus, Fab. Common in most localities albipes, Kirb. Sutton, Rugby, Solihull, and many other localities subfasciatus, Nyl. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) villosulus, Kirb. Common in most locali- ties nitidusculus, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull, Rugby (Morice) atricornis, Sm. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull minutissimus, Kirb. Rugby (Morice) tumulorum, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Knowle smeathmanellus, Kirb. Rugby (Morice) leucopus, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) Andrena albicans, Kirb. Common through- out the county rosae (var. trimmerana). Common in most localities Andrena cineraria, Linn. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull, Middleton fulva, Schr. Common in most localities clarkella, Kirby. Common in many localities nigroasnea, Kirby. Generally common gwynana, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), Knowle, Salford Priors (Wainwright) var. bicolor. Rugby (Morice) angustior, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Fillongley, Solihull varians, Rossi. Sutton (Bradley), Knowle (Blatch) helvola, Linn. Rugby (Morice), Sutton (Bradley) fucata, Smith. Rugby (Morice), Sutton fuscipes, Kirby. Sutton (Bradley), Coles- hill cingulata, Fab. Rugby (Morice) albicrus, Kirb. Generally common chrysosceles, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), Kings- wood analis, Panz. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice) coitana, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull humilis, Im. Sutton (Bradley), Solihull labialis, Kirb. Solihull, Fillongley minutula, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), Solihull parvula. Rugby (Morice) nana, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), Solihull similis, Sm. Fillongley wilkella, Kirb. Knowle (Blatch), Rugby (Morice), Solihull, Colesbill Nomada obtusifrons, Nyl. Rugby (Morice) succincta, Panz. Rugby (Morice), Solihull alternata, Kirb. Common generally lathburiana, Kirb. Solihull ruficornis, L. Common generally - bifida, Thorns. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Hatton borealis, Ztt. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Knowle (Wainwright) ochrostoma, Kirb. Sutton (Bradley), Rugby (Morice), Solihull ferruginata, Kirby. Sutton (Bradley) fabriciana, L. Common generally flavoguttata, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), SoK- hull Chelostoma florisomne, Lin. Rugby (Morice), Solihull, Fillongley campanularum, Kirb. Rugby (Morice), Solihull Ccelioxys elongata, Lep. Sutton (Bradley), Kenilworth Megachile willughbiella, Kirb. Sutton (Brad- ley), Rugby (Morice), Coleshill, etc. circumcincta, Lep. Rugby (Morice), Soli- bull ligniseca, K. Sutton (Bradley) 75