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INSECTS Haliplus lineatocollis, Marsh. Abundant in all localities PELOBIIDjE Pelobius tardus, Herbst. Rare. Stratford- on-Avon (Bloom), near Harborne DYTISCID^ NOTERINA Noterus sparsus, Marsh. In streams, canals and ponds. Near Tamworth, Sal- ford Priors (Blatch), Sutton Park, Knowle LACCOPHILINA Laccophilus interruptus, Panz. In ponds and canals. Salford Priors, Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle obscurus, Panz. In ponds and canals ; all localities HYDROPORINA Hyphydrus ovatus, L. In ponds and ditches ; abundant everywhere Ccelambus versicolor, Schall. In ponds, ditches and streams. Salford Priors ; Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle inaequalis, F. Ponds, ditches and streams ; abundant everywhere - confluens, F. Sutton Park (Blatch) Deronectes assimilis, Payk. In ponds, ditches and streams. Salford Priors (Blatch), Sutton and Knowle depressus, F. Occurs mostly in streams ; throughout the midlands duodecim-pustulatus, F. In streams ; local. Sutton (Blatch), Knowle Hydroporus pictus, F. In ponds and streams ; all localities lepidus, Ol. In both stagnant and running water ; local. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle rivalis, Gyll. Abundant in a small stream between Knowle and Solihull dorsalis, F. In ponds ; apparently scarce. Knowle (Blatch), Chadwick End lineatus, F. Abundant in ponds ; every where umbrosus, Gyll. In ponds ; rare. angustatus, Sturm. ) Knowle gyllenhali, Schiod. In ponds and streamlets ; especially in woods. Sutton, Coleshill (Blatch), Knowle palustris, L. Plentiful in ponds ; all localities erythrocephalus, L. In ponds ; every- where memnonius, Nic. In ponds and stumps of newly felled oaks in woods ; un- common ; all localities HYDROPORINA (continued) Hydroporus nigrita, F. In ponds ; especi- ally in woods. Knowle pubescens, Gyll. Abundant every- where planus, F. All localities ; plentiful lituratus, F. In ponds in woods and open country ; local and scarce. Knowle (Blatch), Bently Heath marginatus, Duft. Pits in woods and in osier beds. Solihull (Blatch, record only) ; Knowle DYTISCINA Agabus guttatus, Payk. In ponds ; local. Sutton Park (Blatch) paludosus, F. In brooks and pools. Knowle (Blatch), Solihull affinis, Payk. In sphagnum, grass tus- socks, etc. Sutton Park (Blatch) unguicularis, Thorns. Under similar conditions to the preceding and in same locality didymus, Ol. In streams and ponds. Salford Priors (Blatch) nebulosus, Forst. In ponds ; local. Knowle (in great abundance) sturmii, Gyll. In ponds ; frequent. Knowle chalconotus, Panz. In ponds and streams. Coleshill, Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle bipustulatus, L. In ponds ; abundant everywhere bipustulatus var. solieri, Aub. Habitat same as type. Knowle Platambus maculatus, L. In brooks throughout the district Ilybius fuliginosus, F. In brooks and ponds ; all localities - ater, De G. In ponds ; everywhere guttiger, Gyll. In bogs ; rare. Coles- hill - aenescens, Thorns. In ponds and bogs. Tysoe (Blatch), Knowle Copelatus agilis, F. In ponds ; very rare. Near Knowle Rhautus exoletus, Forst. In pools and pits. Knowle bistriatus, Berg. In pools and pits. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle Colymbetes fuscus, L. In ponds, dykes and streams ; all localities Dytiscus punctulatus, F. In ponds and slowly running streams ; not un- common throughout England (Fow- ler), Knowle marginalis, L. Abundant in ponds ; in all localities Acilius sulcatus, L. In ponds and ditches ; everywhere