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A HISTORY OF WARWICKSHIRE HELOPHORINA (continued) Helophorus aeneipennis, Thorns. In damp places ; all localities brevipalpis, Bedel. Margins of brooks, etc. ; abundant Hydrochus angustatus, Germ. Margins of streams and ponds. Knowle Ochthebius margipallens, Latr. Margins of ponds and streams. Sutton Park (Blatch), Knowle poweri, Rye. Ponds. Knowle pygmaeus, F. Margins of ponds and in bogs. Knowle bicolon, Germ. Ponds and ditches, and in moss. Knowle rufimarginatus, Steph. In flood refuse ; rare. Knowle Hydrasna riparia, Kug. Marshy places ; margins of ponds, etc. Knowle nigrita, Germ. In running water and marshy places. Knowle angustata, Sturm. Amongst herbage on margins of streams. Knowle pulchella, Germ. In running water ; rare. River Blythe near Knowle SPH^RIDIINA Cyclonotum orbiculare, F. Banks of streams, ponds and ditches ; all localities Sphaeridiium scarabaeoides, F. In dung, moss, roots of grass, etc. ; abun- dant everywhere bipustulatum, F. Found with pre- ceding, but less abundantly bipustulatum var. marginatum, F. In dung, moss, etc. ; all localities bipustulatum var. semistriatum, Cast. Found with the preceding but scarcer Cercyon 1 haemorrhous, Gyll. At roots of grass, in moss, flood refuse, dead leaves and dung ; all localities hasmorrhoidalis, Herbst. Found with preceding. The late Mr. Blatch also found this species in nest of Formica rufa at Bewdley (Worcester- shire) obsoletus, Gyll. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle flavipes, F. Small Heath (Blatch), Knowle lateralis, Marsh. All localities melanocephalus, L. Abundant every- where unipunctatus, L. All localities quisquilius, L. Knowle nigriceps, Marsh. Edgbaston (Blatch), Knowle pygmaeus, 111. Knowle Gyrinus natator, Scop. Ponds, ditches and brooks ; abundant everywhere marinus, Gyll. Ponds, streams, etc. ; local. Salford Priors (Blatch), Kmnvle opacus, Sahl. Canals and ponds. Leamington (Blatch), Knowle Orectochilus villosus, Mall. Under sub- merged stones ; margins of rivers and brooks ; in winter may be dug out of the banks. Alcester, Salford Priors (Blatch), Knowle HYDROPHILID^E HYDROPHILINA Hydrobius fuscipes, L. In ponds, etc. ; everywhere picicrus, Thorns. Ponds and ditches. Knowle Philhydrus nigricans, Zett. Ponds and ditches. Knowle coarctatus, Gredl. Ponds, etc. Knowle Anacaena globulus, Payk. In boggy and marshy places ; abundant everywhere limbata, F. Ponds and ditches ; all localities Holochares lividus, Forst. Wet places ; ponds and ditches. Knowle Laccobius sinuatus, Mots. Banks of streams and pools. Near Tarn- worth (Blatch), Knowle alutaceus, Thorns. Damp places ; margins of ponds, etc. Knowle minutus, L. Boggy places and mar- gins of pools, etc. Knowle - bipunctatus, F. Wet places. Knowle Limnebius truncatellus, Thorns. Banks of streams, canals and ponds. Soli- hull (Blatch), Knowle papposus, Muls. Habitat same as pre- ceding. Knowle nitidus, Marsh. Margins of brooks, ditches and damp places. Knowle picinus, Marsh. Ponds and ditches ; rare. Knowle Chastarthria seminulum, Herbst. In moss and grass roots in marshy places. Solihult- (Blatch), Knowle HELOPHORINA Helophorus nubilus, F. In wet places ; moss and flood refuse ; all localities aquaticus, L. In wet places ; moss and hedge refuse ; abundant every- where aquaticus var. aequalis, Thorns. Found with the preceding, but less abun- dantly dorsalis, Marsh. Banks of brooks, ditches, etc., and in moss. Knowle 1 All the species of Cercyon may be found under similar conditions unless otherwise stated. 88