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INSECTS In moss, hedge Salford STENINA (continued) Stenus picipes, Steph. refuse, etc. ; all seasons. Priors, Knowle (Blatch) cicindeloides, Grav. In moss, etc., in damp places ; all seasons and in all localities similis, Herbst. In moss, stack refuse, etc. ; all seasons and all localities solutus, Er. In moss, etc., in boggy places ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Sutton Park tarsalis, Linn. In moss, refuse, hot- beds, etc. Abundant at all times and in all localities paganus, Er. Habitat and distribution same as the preceding latifrons, Er. In moss and grass tufts ; all seasons. Sutton; Coleshill (Blatch), Knowle OXYPORINA Oxyporus rufus, L. In fungi ; spring to autumn ; local. College grounds, Oscott (Perry), Sutton Coldfield OXYTELINA Bledius subterraneus, Er. In banks of rivers and brooks; spring to autumn; abundant locally. Salford Priors Platystethus arenarius, Fourc. In moss, hotbeds, dung, carrion, etc. ; all seasons ; all localities cornutus, Gyll. In banks of streams and ponds ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) capito, Heer. In stack refuse. Knowle nodifrons, Sahl. On river banks, etc. ; rare. Knowle nitens, Sahl. In flood refuse, under bark, etc. ; rare. Salford Priors Oxytelus rugosus, Grav. In moss, hedge refuse, grass tufts, etc. ; extremely abundant everywhere rugosus var. terrestris, Lac. Occurs with the type but less common. Knowle insecatus, Grav. Habitats similar to those of O. rugosus ; occurs at all times in all localities fulvipes, Er. In grass tussocks in bogs and on margins of ponds, etc. ; all seasons. Sutton (Blatch), Knowle - sculptus, Grav. In moss, dung and vegetable refuse ; all seasons ; all localities laqueatus, Marsh. In same habitats and localities as last piceus, L. In dung, flood and vege- table refuse. Knowle inustus, Grav. In moss, grass tufts, etc. ; all seasons. (Blatch), Solihull, Coleshill Knowle, Sutton OXYTELINA (continued) Oxytelus sculpturatus, Grav. In moss, fungi, grass tufts and at sap ; in all localities nitidulus, Grav. In similar habitats and localities as the last complanatus, Er. Habitats and locali- ties same as the preceding clypeonitens, Pand. In moss and under dead moles ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch) tetracarinatus, Block. Found in simi- lar habitats to O. sculpturatus and allied species, and equally abundant fairmairei, Pand. In moss and hedge refuse in damp ditches and on hedge banks. Coventry ; Knowle (Blatch) Haploderus ccelatus, Grav. In moss, dung, vegetable refuse and carrion ; all seasons ; all localities Trogophloeus arcuatus, Steph. Banks of rivers and ponds, on submerged logs and in flood refuse; all seasons; rare. Knowle bilineatus, Steph. In moss, hotbeds, flood refuse and under bones ; all seasons; all localities rivularis, Mots. Habitat and distribu- tion same as the preceding elongatulus, Er. Found with the pre- ceding fuliginosus, Grav. Banks of rivers ; spring to autumn. Salford Priori cortacinus, Grav. In moss, refuse and under bark ; all seasons. Knowle (Blatch), Solihull, Salford Priors pusillus, Grav. In flood refuse, on banks of streams. Knowle (Blatch) tenellus, Er. In wet places, hotbeds, cowshed refuse and under bones ; all seasons. Small Heath, Knowle (Blatch) Syntomium aeneum, Mtlll. In moss and hedge refuse, both in wet, dry and sandy places ; all seasons ; all mid- land localities Coprophilus striatulus, F. Amongst bones and flood refuse, etc. ; all seasons ; occurs throughout the district, some- times abundantly HOMALIINA Lesteva longelytrata, Goeze. In moss and herbage in damp places ; all seasons ; abundant everywhere pubescens, Mann. In moss and herb- age in wet places ; all seasons ; not so abundant as the preceding sicula, Er. Habitats and distribution same as the preceding 99